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October 22, 2004



Snopes can't even corroborate that Edwards had anything to do with those lawsuits, although they stated the claim as such:

"Claim: The current flu vaccine shortage is attributable to a lawsuit handled by Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards.
Status: False.
Regarding the claim that John Edwards secured a $5 million judgment against a U.S. pharmacutical company on a flu vaccine case, while it is true he had a highly successful legal career representing individuals who had been badly harmed by malfunctioning products or the mistakes of doctors and hospitals, with some even saying he won $175 million for his clients over 12 years, at this point it's not known if he ever litigated a flu vaccine case, or if so, what the outcome of such a trial was."

Who checks Snopes' accuracy?

Fabulous Eggs

You folks need to take a course in logic and reasoning. Trying to say that the email propaganda should be taken seriously because of an inaccuracy within an urban legend reporter is a serious case of "moving the goalposts," and shifts the burden of proof from the nameless moron accuser making an unsubstantiated assertion. Where did you learn to argue, from the Intelligent Design crowd?

No search of findlaw or any other legal or news database has turned up ANYTHING to even remotely suggest that the load of shit being proffered by this sinister whisper campaign is true.

You people are dumbfucks.


I have long questioned the wisdom of taking Snopes as the last word without question on everything

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Thus, the Snopes article does not prove that that liability lawsuits have not driven the vaccine manufacturers away from manufacturing the influenza vaccine while other sources point to them as a significant factor affecting the cost of vaccine supply.

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Kitty was very eloquent. Another college educated waitress I'm sure. Or more likely someone receiving an "entitlement", calling others "DF'S" because we dare think instead of "feel".

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