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March 24, 2013


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Eye on Innovation, Design and Technology: Presentation "Beyond Stage Gate: A New Framework for Disruptive Innovation Management" reaches 10,000 views
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What if Berry Gordy Jr. had not started the Motown Record Corporation? We might not have gotten to experience the artistry of some of the greatest performers of the last half of the 20th century.As the founder and driving force of Motown Records and its subsidiary labels (Tamla, Gordy, Soul, etc.), Gordy provided the access and organization that otherwise may have been unavailable to many of the talented stars who blossomed under Gordy's direction. The glory years for Motown were between its inception in 1960 and the moving of its headquarters from Detroit to Los Angeles in 1972. Over this period the label had over 110 Top Ten hits, according to theBillboardHot 100 chart.Of those who recorded with Motown over this golden age (1959-1972), who were the top 10 acts?10.Mary Wells. She was called "Motown Mary," and with good reason. She was the first artist to record on the Motown label itself and not on one of the subsidiary labels, the first to have Smokey Robinson as a writer and producer, the first to have a MotownBillboardtop 10 hit, and the first to have a number one song, all according toThe Billboard Book of Number One Hits. Her number one hit wasMy Guy, written by Robinson. She had three other Top 10 hits with Robinson as writer and producer:The One Who Really Loves You,You Beat Me To The Punch, andTwo Lovers. She was also the first major artist to leave the Motown label, and she did not enjoy much success after saying so long to the Motown family.9.Holland-Dozier-Holland. While Holland-Dozier-Holland (H-D-H) were not performers, their importance to Motown cannot be overstated. H-D-H served as primary songwriters at Motown and also were producers and arrangers. Eddie Holland wrote lyrics and arranged vocals, while Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland composed the music. They worked for Motown from 1962-1967, during which time they delivered over 30 Top 10Billboardpop hits, including over a dozen number one songs, according toThe Billboard Book of Number One Hits. They worked primarily with the Supremes and the Four Tops, and wrote ten of the twelve number one entries of the Supremes. They left Motown because of a dispute over royalties with founder Berry Gordy Jr. Holland-Dozier-Holland were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) in 1990.8.Marvin Gaye. After placing 17 singles on theBillboardHot 100 chart, Marvin Gaye finally reached the top of the chart withI Heard It Through The Grapevine, written and produced by Norman Whitfield. The song spent seven weeks at number one in late 1968 and early 1969. Marvin ended up with three number one singles on theBillboardHot 100 and 13 number one singles on the Rhythm and Blues chart, including two duets with Tammi Terrell. In the early 1970s, Gaye pushed Motown into a more socially conscious direction when he released songs likeWhat's Going OnandMercy, Mercy Me (The Ecology). He was inducted into the RRHOF in 1987.7.Martha and the Vandellas. One of the most successful girl groups of the early 1960s, Martha and the Vandellas scored many hits on Motown's Gordy label, includingHeat WaveandQuicksand. The lone number one hit they had was on the Rhythm and Blues chart whenJimmy Mack, written by Hoiland-Dozier-Holland, reached the top spot in 1967. They were later known as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, and they were elected to the RRHOF in 1995.6.The Four Tops. Levi Stubbs, Abdul "Duke" Fakir, Lawrence Payton and Renaldo "Obie" Benson comprised the Four Tops, and they performed and recorded together for over 40 years without any changes in their lineup, and unprecedented achievement. Their first number one song,I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch), defined the "Motown sound"* perhaps better than any other song. The Four Tops reached the summit of theBillboardHot 100 chart again withReach Out, I'll Be There. Both of their number one tunes were written by Holland-Dozier-Holland. The Four Tops were enshrined in the RRHOF in 1990.5.Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. As a writer, producer andvice presidentof Motown, Smokey Robinson was an indispensible contributor to Motown's success. With his group the Miracles, Robinson gave Motown's Tamla label its first million-selling record whenShop Aroundreached number two on theBillboardsingles chart. Robinson was best known for writing romantic lyrics, and Bob Dylan once called him "America's greatest living poet." The Miracles had two number oneBillboardpop hits and fourBillboardRhythm and Blues chart-toppers. Smokey also penned number one smashes for other artists. Two examples of this wereMy Guyfor Mary Wells andMy Girl,which he allowed the Temptations to record rather than doing it himself. His songs were also covered by major stars not with Motown like Linda Ronstadt and the Beatles. Robinson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, but his group the Miracles has not been installed in the RRHOF as of 2011.4.The Temptations. Using their famous four-headed microphone that allowed them to move about more freely, the Temptations were one of the most dynamic stage performers of their time. They took choreography to a new level and redefined what it meant to be "cool." They were the first male group at Motown to achieve a number one hit whenMy Girl, released on the Gordy label, topped the chart in March of 1965. The classic lineup of the Temptations featured David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin and Paul Williams, with Ruffin and Kendricks handling the lead vocals and Franklin providing the deep bass voice. When Ruffin was fired from the group, he was replaced by Dennis Edwards. The Temptations hit number one four times on theBillboardHot 100 chart and saw 14 of their songs reach number one on theBillboardRhythm and Blues chart. In 1989, they were installed in the RRHOF.3.The Jackson Five. Hailing from Gary, Indiana, and discovered by Diana Ross, the Jackson Five were proponents of the bubble gum soul sound. Their first four singles topped theBillboardHot 100 chart in 1970, and they had six R&B chart toppers. Their biggest hit wasI'll Be There, a ballad later covered and taken back to number one by Mariah Carey. The opening toI'll Be Thereintroduced many listeners to the Rocksichord, an electronic keyboard. The Jackson Five of course provided the springboard for the solo career of Michael Jackson, their lead singer. Michael had 13BillboardHot 100 chart-toppers and 10BillboardR&B number one records. The Jackson Five were installed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 andMichael Jacksonmade the RRHOF as a solo artist in 2001.2.Stevie Wonder. Born Steveland Morris and first known as Little Stevie Wonder, the blind superstar could play drums, bongos, piano, organ and harmonica. According toThe Billboard Book of Number One Rhythm & Blues Hits,Wonder was the first artist to reach number one on threeBillboardcharts simultaneously when hisFingertips Part 2topped the pop and R&B charts while Wonder's album,Little Stevie Wonder - the 12-Year-Old Geniusattained the top spot on the album chart.Fingertips Part 2was also the first live recording to top the singles chart. Wonder topped theBillboardHot 100 chart nine times, had 27 top 10 singles and reached number one on theBillboardRhythm and Blues chart 18 times. He was inducted into the RRHOF in 1989.1.The Supremes (Diana Ross and the Supremes). The top slot can belong to no one else but the Supremes. Originally founded as the Primettes, the trio of female singers who became the Supremes turned out to be the prime act of Motown records. Featuring lead singer Diana Ross (born Diane Ross), along with Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, the three had lived in the housing projects of Detroit, in high-rise apartments the government subsidized for low-income families. Florence came up with the name "the Supremes." Diana and Mary didn't like the name because they thought it sounded too masculine. (A male quartet had previously been called the Supremes, and those four later became the Romantics part of Ruby and the Romantics.) The Supremes became the most commercially successful act in Motown's history, placing 12 songs at number one on the singles chart and becoming the most successful American group in history. They certainly didn't start that way. They had so many flops at the start of their career that other acts at Motown derisively dubbed them as "The No-Hit Supremes." That turned around when they hooked up with the writing and producing talents of Holland-Dozier-Holland. Eventually the Supremes were one of the few American groups who could rival the British Invasion groups between 1964 and 1967. They were the first American group to have three number one singles culled from the same album, and they are the only American group to have five consecutive number one singles on theBillboardHot 100 chart. After missing many performances and recording sessions, the disgruntled. Ballard was replaced by Cindy Birdsong in 1967. When Ross left the group in early 1970 to pursue a solo career, she was replaced by Jean Terrell, and the hits kept on coming. However, the Supremes failed to reach the apex of the chart after megastar Ross went solo. In addition to beginning an outstanding film career, Ross enjoyed six more number one hits, all of them on the Motown label. The Supremes were elected to the RRHOF in 1988.Honorable mention:The Funk Brothers -the studio musicians who played on many of the greatest songs Motown produced during the Detroit years. It is said they played on more number one hits than anyone in history. Some of the key members of The Funk Brothers were keyboardists Earl Van Dyke and Johnny Griffith, bassist James Jamerson, guitarist Robert White, and drummers Benny Benjamin and Uriel Jones.Gladys Knight and the Pips- although they had much greater success when they joined the Buddah record label, they did enjoy many good years with Motown.Barrett Strong- provided Motown (Tamla) with its first hit record,Money (That's What I Want), a song that was later covered by the Beatles. He also contributed to Motown as a "strong" songwriter.Norman Whitfield- taking over for Holland, Dozier and Holland as the chief songwriter, Whitfield kept the hits rolling, writing some of Motown's most successful songs in the late 1960s and early 1970s.The Marvelettes- gave Motown its first number one song withPlease Mr. Postman, a song that was also covered by the Beatles. In 1975, the Carpenters covered the song and took it back to number one.* The key to Motown's success was the unique "Motown Sound." As described inThe Billboard Book of Number One Hits,formerBillboardeditor Adam White defined the "Motown sound" as: "A bedrock bass line; an emphatic beat accentuated by tambourines; pounding percussion and piano tracks; saxophone-driven brass charts; shrillfemmebackup vocals in the classic call-and-response mode of gospel performances; and those swirling, riff-reinforcing strings of the Detroit Symphony."Sources:The Billboard Book of Number One Rhythm & Blues Hits, Adam White and Fred Bronson, Billboard Books, 1993Pioneers of Rock and Roll, Harry Sumrall, Billboard Books, 1994The Billboard Book of Number One Hits, 5th Edition, Fred Bronson, Billboard Books, 2003The Billboard Book of Number One Adult Contemporary Hits, Wesley Hyatt, Watson-Guptill Publications, 1999Temptations, Otis Williams and Patricia Romanowski, Cooper Square Press, 2002Diana Ross and the Supremes, Every Great #1 Hit, Motown Record Company, CD, 1987Four Tops Greatest Hits, Motown Record Company, CD, 1987Jackson Five: The Ultimate Collection, Motown Record Company, CD, 1996

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