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April 08, 2013



In fact the woman wants most of should be:Find out an all things to know to respect her man.

The gold is small to open to foolishly hope that huge absolute being A, that kind of the strength of the Chong Ying, that kind of pleasant impression that surpass description, absolutely is like absolute being Be evil to stand erect over there!

The fire tooth says with smile:"You body top be not that still has already forbidden a dollar sign line line ice pellets?"

The fire tooth sees a gold small to open some a cold waterway of being dizzy with success, immediately and then sprinklings:"Do not be happy too early, haven't you controled this kind of energy now, in case of failure, your current performance was to throw a person too much."

Fish for to this circumstance, the Du flies foot one Shan, the body form immediately appears at company brigade lord matter person of nearby, lightly notice way:"Mr. Hu please let company's brigade come to a stop, the front has the sand the thief to appear!"

Even if across a screen, but wave the orthoptic bottom that is green to fly in the Du, also tiny produce not natural for several cents, lightly swayed to sway head, the wave is green to sink a track:"Although could not once wear here,can re- find out the thin cosmos natural cover of becoming according to the operation."

"What about those who smuggle?"Go on board, stepped on the solid land, be swayed Lee Dan Shu to immediately come to spirit for three week and curiously think the Du flies to ask a way.

"Leave, also doing not know can seek to get that horse elder generation, if can not find, also don't know that this flies one degree elder generation meeting how to us!"Disappear grandpa Ma of tail to Long Jian Shou of that absolute being, the green jade precious jade is really the confidence that didn't find out.The at the thought of behind Du flies to therefore get mad, in the heart not from one Zhan.

In a flash, the Fan Jia Mo desire controls that huge sword, sting to seal to more leave, seal to more leave but a move don't also move, the path keeps a station over there.

"So, their aggression soon start."Water thousand Lians sigh a way.

The conclusion is always opposite, rely on background.Football's putting in basketball heap is minimum, it is the biggest to put in the ping-pong heap.Dwarf in pull out general, finally is also a dwarf.


"Come down!"Seeing the pit of digging already two meters Be getting deeper, the Du flies then to shout a way in the pit bottom.And hear the Du flies of shout a voice, together and together the friendship didn't also hesitate and immediately kept on jumping.

Conclusion:Too ascend so-called"inside view its heart, the heart has no its heart.External appearance its body, the body has no its body.Far view its thing, the thing has no its thing.Is empty have no get empty, have no have no as well have no"-ability Wu of, can spread a saint way.This namely outside its body and body save-body still the country is also.

On sinking into underground, the Du flew and then laided up the appearance of panic, luck 100% true spirit in the foot body, go toward the natural cover shot sent out by surrounding five long grass stars, but the natural cover connects a silk to respond also have no.

In the silver light after facing a certain direction wore to go for a long time, that eyes are strange to slowly stop down, and gave gold small to open to spread an information:Have been already arrived.In fact need not it reminds, the gold is small to open to feel the front spreads of that a way energy motion, that is exactly that he wants to look for of big summer clansmen origin!

, Way:"I also know a person who is called Xia Yu, and your looks about has 90% likeness, only he is an adult."Gold small happy medium dark way:"I these are hundred percent ten big truthses, don't tell a lie at all."

The gold is small to open strong endure body up of unwell, expel the gene of that flea from the oneself's body, then re- make change the athletics teacher's gene fusion to enter he or she's body in.Immediately, little fatty's gold in a common senior high school is small to open to re- return to this in this world.

Saw to catch up with that girl, Du's flying was just preparing to open mouth hello, who know she but suddenly turned to come over, frightenned Du to fly a to jump, is not asked a way by openings:"Young lady wraps you how much ?"

"Fly a degree true person, this elder wants to ask you words!"Because the Du flies don't cover up his/her own breathing, so the great white crane true person soon sought to come over.However once they fall to the ground, great white crane the true person signaled hint Qiu Ye to wait four gold Dan monks to escort a summer first to blare snow to leave, then sank voice to fly to order 1 to the Du and signal hint to leave with her together.

"Xi Xi, Pan old ghost, often old ghost, that guy is the monk in a dollar baby's middle!"Just stuffy head in palace a middle age text for drinking private, suddenly peeped out smiling face on the face, after drinking the next cup wine, lips quickly the Xi moved several bottoms.

"Give!"See some to daze in response to the dint, the Du flew to directly walk over to knead the mouth of opening the beard Anne's court, Ning blood the Dan threwed into.

"Certainly, I have this real strenght."Left Huai Song shrug shoulders Bang, doesn't matter way.


“In what sense? There’s nothing against Lord Lambeth that I know of.”


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