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April 20, 2013



Over a hundred years ago,in 1640,the head of the Baskerville family was Sir Hugo

"Did she just isn't still in the hall?"The Du being going upstairs flies to freely answer a way, however immediately he is stunned speechless, Ni can that Ni son can't go to and release a task for him?But wanted to think, the Du flew beat to obstruct her viewpoint, turned round to continue to go upstairs, anyway the bounty bar inside isn't likely to find out jade Chien, be the Ni was to travel.

important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it.

"Seem to be troops?"The Du flies suddenly one Leng, immediately disillusion way, " this is Western Africa which nation of be the troops secretly transporting nations to illegal act a product?"

"Mao!"At this time not the distance suddenly spread a loudly move, frighten once that yellow hair youth jump and treat to twist a head on seeing, but is a Mountain cat that smells gamey smell since then.

"See come to this decides to be very good to me, because in your eyes, I saw a hope."Seal Ling the body turned in the past, light way.

The youths of surplus have no drive this prospects falter, they have no time commotion, a short moment at only leave of space quick of the cloth become connect heart, surrounding black cloud gobbles up to come over, then drive connect heart sword spirit the net catch and then exterminate.

Inside its function scope, regardless bite crystal, bite a treasure or bite Tui A, can not make use of, in other words, as long as being forbiding inside the function scope of a dollar sign line, the real strenght strongly gobble up and then will become the common run of people, can rely on of only have the strength of essence-only in addition to invoke a monster!

The ray of light of baby blue gleams, middle age and the old appear at public in the center, come not hasty with public receive, the vision then falls at not that regiment in the distance combustion of green flame up.The concussion of one face that is public to see saint, their did it ever be not?

Also have a few lightning flashes split to win a protection gold small open of that light cover, however come from a gold small open what idea anticipate BE, that only cover unexpectedly is an unimaginable sort of violent, even fierce split in the strong dint lightning flash under, even an in fine threads motion crack-up all have no!When the lightning flash splits medium that gold color only cover after, be immediately and then led to lead toward other directions, the dog dinner that the environment of surroundings break.

Took a look big Kui with honest look, the Du flies to smile to order.


Sea the way figured out by Si is very simple, that is the living creature computer that makes use of in front to return to information Shuo, directly search that skull up the information of the third eye, if that up has the trace to seal to forbid, then can directly find out that guy uses of sealing and forbiding means!After understanding means, again want to crack to open nature be very easy to do.

"This?"The answer that hears a moxa rice, the Du flies to immediately realize that this was variation person square's means, wanted also and didn't think ground for the order way, " closes a Zhi brain and opens to move a driver!"

The voice of Ding Ding isn't unique but ear.

"Perhaps I hereafter also make contact with with those guys ……" gold is small to open some headaches, if this is old to practice moral teachings the thing that says is true, in that boundary Sa second person's affirming is that is greatly troublesome."In addition to the passage in the imperial palace, also existence other place passages?"

"The motion that that is before soon huge to work properly dint is what is the row, you and did their main forces engage?"Five elders have no and other severals match a body to expect monk similar speak to rebuke those monks for escaping, but pondered for a while, ask the doubts in the heart.

"Eight star warrior?"The originally solid Lun does obeisance to make a decision this time after flying to complete a task for Du, always foolish over there the self-discipline in the marvellous space.But suddenly hear this news now, immediately a mind from he the heart bottom living, let his breath not from rush get up.

The gold is small to open eyes to tightly stare at that sign of line, don't already praise highly in the heart, surprisingly in the world can also existence this kind of unexpected thing!If narrow this kind of sign line to the thing like the similar handcuffs, that not is can at will the one who pen to is a certain to gobble up?Is at the thought of this huge possibility that contain among them, the gold is small to don't already open and then move.

However the jade can have no at the male this time what by hand push two females' back of the heads to force the plan that they kiss, the words like that relatively outlaw the words of this circumstance in case of them, oneself isn't to make them will living a not good impression, so jade at male although have a little monkey business,still have proper restraint.

Chapter 3 historic relic inner part(up)

After like fun have breakfast with children, the Du flies to take Xu Ting and slowly the aunt got to building an inside.

"You two five planets the strong come to Vatican this time, affirmation wants to do what important event, we organize if tell you the way for getting into Vatican, you finally will definitely kill.Since so, straight-tempered make you kill me like, I why the need for take you return to disaster, we organize of others?"Ai Luo isn't a galoot, fly a ground of explanation to neutrally engrave to thought of result from the Du, resolutely brush-off way.


Sea the Si Be wrinkly to knit the brows a way:"Don't speak hesitatingly, there are words keeping saying."

"Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De thanks you!"The Du flew to also feel hair just sincere care is from Lee, although he can't change idea,still keep honestly thanking to proper way Lee.

It is sunset to take later on one silk, the Du flew to find out setting up camp of an accommodation location and launched a tent.

But their intuitions tell their Li Jun this gun to be so simple.

Oneself, true of just he creation come out of"food" is just.

"Yes.Fill Ni Er be kidnap, but we are two but oddly escaped out ……this always needs to arrange in order a reason?Otherwise careful those emperor the clan regard as the black dress person's partner to us."

Then several person's companies measure for a while how after after a while talking an etc. problem, jade at male just with the father of world the female leave to set out.

"See come to mental character quite good!"See oneself take back after the spirit oppression, the female headwaiter quickly resumed as usual, the Du flies heart in not from have one silk curious.Be like will a person of decision like this, absolutely can't be one common of dissolute a female headwaiter is so simple!

"Bomb Long Long!"Is a burst of the whole earths all vibrate of bellow a voice loudly after leading, those Tuo dragons in the sky all landed in the ground.Although the ground here is strong and tough, under the huge weight pressure of those Tuo dragons, all unexpectedly spouted to open a way crack, the crushed stones falls thick and fasts.

"The technique chip I has already been taken!"Take out from the universe quit the chip swayed to sway in Lin Hai Tian's in front, the Du flew to re- accept into a way in the ring, " chip puts in the I to keep here, etc. win the championship a general assembly that day, the I renders unto the chip to you to the assembly hall from the meeting!"

"What person are you ?"The little girl icily asks a way.


See that five planets elder badge be canned put on the table by the Ni, there is in addition also a document that turns over to open, the Du flies to imagine just the Ni can see oneself, that five planets badge the mood of concussion.

"That, that is what?……"The gold is small to open already exhaustive Be getting more silly.He basically has never thought, one is small to smallly gobble up at clay-cold, will make thus big action-this absolutely can calculate last time terror

Time has no much, the that gold eye monster person also has no excessive inquiry gold small open what things, put to put a hand and then take other monster person's facing another direction leave, while the gold is small to open then follow the original road return.In in a hurry returning to deck behind, the gold is small to open and then see many grams of Mo just as the hot ant sort on the pot Be round and round to turn indiscriminately.

"Ah?Don't walk, you haven't said here actually is where ……"the gold is small to open to repeatedly call, but can not get fire any further of the echo of tooth.The gold is small to open to every where see, some don't know should how is good.

"Really is you!"Qian Jing just came back from the abroad and then came to this bar to relax in the evening, but didn't want to unexpectedly run into Du to fly!

"What mean?Do you have what relation with the dust winter group?"Hear six green suddenly mention six dusts that depend on for the powerful supporter currently winter group, six days, the Hao was immediately vigilant and threw down newspaper to loudly ask a way.

"Is the gold small to open?!"

"How do I discover yours?"The problem being fixed by the demon asks one Leng, the Du flies to immediately and suddenly respond to come over.The this guy but demon baby expects behind, that equal to dollar baby behind expect, his work properly to know isn't a dollar baby only early, how can discover him?Thought of here, the Du flies unbearable will work properly to know to let out with all strength, immediately whole mountain ranges all rose a heavy Wei to press!

The blood runs off the imperfection of air to make the leaf sing the state of mind of breeze more and more misty, and still have how long float a surface still an unknown.Awaring of self oneself can not return alive of the leaf sing breeze to run out whole body of the strength pushed Li Jun to leave ownly and nearby, he knows Li Jun while only hasing his/her own circumstance or return ability break out of's livinging a sky, but taking oneself who emphasize the wound so definitely will be buried in this limitless deep sea.

"The nothing important attends dancing party when the time comes, will be the whole upper level emperor's clan of nine star empires, the number is a lot of ……" filled Ni Er to mostly speak the circumstance concerning dancing party, the gold was small to develop now with on the earth of those also mutually about, however make him some interrogative

BE wondering, the sudden earth spreads to repeatedly vibrate, a voice"Long Long" bellows a voice to ring from the distance since then, seem is appeared what huge monster.Bellowing is more and more near, the gold is small to open a title to hope to go, sees distance smoke and dust billowing, suddenly the together huge dark shadow rushes out from smoke and dust, the huge vehemence dashes forward horizon!


See Xuan frost inquire, in the week clever heart a burst of Zhui however, however still keep honestly opening mouth an answer way:"Teacher, just the Tu son runs the edge play, the meeting of accident believes in lord ……"

The wave green airship leaves behind soon, limitless son one face angries of took many younger brother Shis and pupil to rush through back.Obviously, they discovered that the Cang pine nut that escape in times before is only one to divide time, as for true body, affirmation hide at first!

Allow who there is this opportunity to promote mood, be bothered will angry behind.The Du flies after being waked up with a start, tiny wrinkly for a while eyebrows, however turned a moment to recover a mood, he has the heart chain Jue to can be steady to promote mood to why the need for care this the opportunity in the hand?

"I make you believe warmth, fine, trust, dignity, strong words of these old teeth.I don't want you decadent, empty, be fond of Mang, bad Jian I and hurt other people.I don't want you to handle I a complete mess.Forbear own feelings.Being not anyoneses can want.Experience the life is another one thing, don't mean depravity and indulgence.Never approve those camouflage of cool and alternative.They are to have no matter the doable person find out to permissive they have no the matter Be doable to lend.Truely cool is in the heart.You have to have strong heart.Have to have already freed to time to pass, can't whet to fold and accept defeat of conviction.

Sea the Si looking at the look in the eyes of vegetables green insect in full is the air for envying, really very anxious to appropriate to oneself that runt.If there is this baby, that general defense natural covers can regard as nonentity and wear a door absolutely is all easy to accomplish into the door, even even cross space also is all very easy to do, also can't such as he is like this exhausting now.Sea the Si eye pupil turned several bottoms, on heap of face smiling face, gather together to come up a way:"Is small to open, you see this invoke the monster isn't very big either to your function, not equal to ……"

See wood beard son and thousand crane the year have the evidence to beat to make again, Chen Shi Bin hurriedly pulled to pull Du to fly, ascend strong put speech of way"like, you are all little to speak a few lines, come, thousand lords, I to your introduction for a while, this is our new elder Du of evil palace to fly, the Du flies, this is read religion of believe in lord thousand crane year."

Wait until a Xi makes of morning end, the Du flies to take a resignation

It is a section 1 English lesson in big the first semester to acquaint with with big Wei.I was late that day, the panic nervous piece walks into classroom and literally sought a seat to sit down, and the flank is him.I have never noticed at that time flank is who, just concentrated ground to listen to lesson and took note.After the teacher prelected, the big Wei wrote a single phrase on the book and asked its Chinese language meaning.I just raised head to see his one eye at this time, but the impression isn't deep, just feel that he is very black(is that that kind of is black healthy color), afterwards gradually thin forgets.

The "market price ten Pei baby Dans are worth a low grade crystal currency, 20 dollar miracle drugs are worth a low grade crystal currency, a turn absolute being Dan to be worth a low grade crystal currency, 2 matches miracle drug to be worth a low grade crystal currency, " store owner first and by leap and bound reported price, then continued way, "this friend purchased 102 Peis baby Dan, 178 dollar miracle drugs, 21 turn absolute being Dan and 29 to match miracle drug, altogether is 54 low grades crystal currency again 60,000, the odd change puts on to go, the way friend gives 54 low grades crystal currency and then goes."

"Is alas, if be known that I did these affairs by her, perhaps she will look for person to pack me into hemp sack to sink into ocean?"

The day bludger E E lives.I swear to forget the man who calls Han Feng.


I want to cry and then cry and want to smile and then smile before decade;I want to cry to can not cry, either after the decade, doing not want to smile must also smile

Finally Tang can the son still don't know how to describe that felling, more ashamed speak, have to the to the utmost biggest strength of oneself said that the result in a comparison is regarded as to complete a task, cannot say.

That golden light sign line is the super big power weapon spread down by time immemorial, even if makes use of with the strength that the gold is small to open the third eye, also lets all dint that he almost overdrew inside the body.Although the end is a small gold the one who open hostilities to win that,his oneself also suffered from not light injury.

Will those chain machine the fingerprint mostly saw for a while, the Du flew and discover, wanted to refine strategies on the magic weapon, be not in brief engrave the strategies to record up, but want to use particular fingerprint, otherwise engrave to record strategies going up to can do for the decorations!

"That you go home first!"5 nods, " these two days very good consideration, wait to consider good come right away a hall inside, if have what difficulty, can provide some helps for you in hall!"

."The proper week is small the United States start making in the brain dizzy of time, the Du flies of a words suddenly like one Piao cool water sprinkle on her head and let her in a twinkling wide awoke to come over.

Wait once the ruby in month walk, leaf cloud Qian open mouth to say:"That, I want to ask you, did you how prepare to persuade my parents?"

"My concussion doesn't get up!"The summer cloud Xi coolly saw Yin Zhi male's one eye, the doesn't matter ground said.

"Darling, this thing actually is what?"The gold is small to open mumbling to oneself, really is a bit hard to believe.

Left Huai to own eyes, but have very great confidence.

You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of success.


There are numerous platforms in the life itinerary, the life on the travel contains numerous courier stations.All sets and station are just provided for half-way to rest a little and just provide to turn a car again set out.Don't be detained over a long period of time, sinking the Zhi isn't quite, will make soul decay;Don't grind to a stop over a long period of time, the deadlock isn't

The small Kui nods should be, took Du to fly small hall.Waited Du to fly to go out, five Yes walked to the wall side, put out strength a Ye that piece of be inset into the coin in the wall.Touched touch the hole on the wall, five Yes hoped the coin of beginning the inside, eyes not from Mi get up.

"Old piece, you this BE

See the effort that the jade climb in the male agreeable pole still really do of come home very much, Tang Hu also not is very not give his/her own younger sister's face, again say an affair so, he can also know even if Tang Long appears publicly the opportunity for turning round also not big, if oneself doesn't let jade see in the male good facial expression too much, in case of Tang can son hereafter is discommoded how to do, Tang can son have never married to go out to O.K. say, as long as married to go out Be getting more different, have already discommoded most oneselfs to also scold at that time a few jades canned also really take at the male jade at male how don't become, for the sake of oneself's younger sister the day in the future Tang Hu also canned a little bit like 1:00 of face jade at male.

"Good!"Other hall definite view help the lord the influence for weakening five Yes on one's own initiative, the nature joy sees it become, as one man say like.

"Is the wave of the radicle boon household green young lady?I am the superior whom this base is responsible for, now please verify an identity with me!"The wave is green after flying push door into is writing on the office desk with Du what of the base superior immediately and smiling all overly stood, then signaled hint one green fly to follow him to examine room with Du.

"Do not know orchid degree and Chi as well two guys in the sky now how."The gold is small to open to think of to together multiply by a those two colleagues who gets empty boat, a bit gloomy in the heart:"I drive threw this Qin Di space, don't know that those two personal meetings can't also follow to come over ……in case of if be thrown in the astrospace, perhaps they died for an instant?However is so also good, need not be like me to bear suffering to suffer mental agony like this at least."

The gold is small to open to wait of is this a moment!

"This?"To this problem Du fly to pour have never thought, now drive once the teacher ask and just cautiously deliberated.

Although feel that the other party really has no courtesy,the gold doesn't quit to still eat dirt a way:"It is what I take small open to here."

Although the strength that bumps shot is wildly fierce,the strength that bumps shot flies boat but doesn't hurt, numerous defense of its outside are also very violent strength.However under this shot, fly boat acquired faster speed, absolutely dash forward like a quickly passing time sort to add the deep place of the proud undercurrent!


The pure murderous look that is the same to fierce heaven, the desolate spirit like this only once experiences a real war to present gradually of a kind of qualities.Can this desolate spirit unexpectedly coagulate on one pole gun, and continuously pound at a leaf to sing the palm of breeze at this time.Feel the more and more thick leaf of this desolate spirit sings breeze Nu to hum 1 and enlarge the strength on the hand, the arrogant of oneself delivers a long gun through a palm and continuously inhibits that desolate spirit meanwhile.

"Feeding is a summer private home here."The summer thunder pickeds up a words tube, the voice cool-headedly says and sounds to pour some kind of great commander poises.

The gold is small to open to stare their one eye, however also has no to say more what, after all the circumstance here is not the thing that they can control either.Orchid degree and ice eye also rushed through to come over at this time, the orchid degree said with smile:"Unexpectatively small brothers after you left a period of time, the real strenght unexpectedly soars and really congratulates."

This incitement's seeming to be to Lin Mu Xue is too a head, only several bottom son Lin Mu Xue all over seem was taken out to walk bone similar, the degree of humidity is consumedly also increment, although cannot compare with a leaf cloud Qian also than Tang can the son and Qian Xiao Qing wanted to be wetly badly many.

"Adopted mother!"At this time screen up appeared a women again, but that elder sister cloud Xi immediately shouted 1.

Our destiny offers not the cup of despair, but the

", I go and arrange for Sir right away!"Think a gentleman hotel originally be with flavor famous, light loose ground of can pull down to turn head a guest.However this just left today the table turns head of guest is a bit seldom seen, let to don't already puzzle in that heart of waitress.

"Ha ha."The Du flew to smile to smile and had already gone out to seek children.

"That leaves."The Du flies to know before saying six green meetings say so, at this time hear her indeed as expected and thus, then say with a smile.

See someone successful in career, the men in the Zhai also not much think and stand to start in succession and took close relatives to go to shade under a tree and left 30th, the Zhai people is all what in home doesn't have prime of life man.

The gold is small to open the super weapon stolen


Imitated a Buddha to see the idea that the Du flies, the Dan dust son wanted to shake a hand way:"The old man has already eaten the offense wine of compensating of old younger brother, this matter now the Jie lead.The hole mansion of "say, Dan dust son is on pulling Du to fly a way, " old man fore noodles, the old younger brother accompanies me to go in to sit for a while!"Finish saying to also ignore the reaction that the Du flies, directly pull him to go straight up.

"Chen Dian Zhu, this at enmity with you were all the way!"Hello that hears Chen Shi Bin, thousand crane the year smile 1, refusing his invitation, then turning round will leave.

, There is no condiment"of blemish feeling?Happy is the mother's care happiness is a light and soft petting.

At that moment the gold is small to open to re- change his/her own looks, resume cost to come to shape, then then take a distance of snow and Wei fingerling 2 people the meal breeze pass night in the open, all the way facing that all-powerful tower enters hair.

"Connect down a council chairperson who contact the dark parliament."Wait mirror noodles to fall calm, Xin Ji's president of association twisted a head to fly to give repeated advice to to the Du a , then again read voodoo.

Follow two big guys walked on the island a burst of, the Du flew to suddenly and in astonishment discover at present emergence a simple and crude big palace, there are among them also many people being just preparing an affair.

The I am always punctual I always very punctually;The Don the 抰 be so modest doesn't be getting more modest;The I am flattered overpraised

However Chen Shi Bin is this time is wiser's thousand Lyus, eventually have a to lose.In fact the Du flies for the idea that he don't rise exploitation at all, is worth Du's flying because of his real strenght value, but this time thus affected, but on the contrary let the Du fly think that his greed didn't be even and silently livinged to just some little take precautions against in the heart.

On the grandstand four National Assembly the form hope downward of time, rest three commander - in - chiefs also in great quantities wear this own opponent.The war that sees white noodles Duo right away wears a person of white Kui white A, Qing of hand wear one pole big gun facing F square's military flag bottom Chi come, be arrived military flag to dismount to up ride a hand on taking Ma Jiang, fight Ma Ren to sign but rise will ride the noodles of hand to permit to leak out.After the noodles that sees a pure bearer permits, the field took place bottom to ring out at the same time a few surprised shout, Sun Mou waits what person shouted BE:"What?"The emotion of surprise and cut up rough in the tone all includes.But etc. of Ao snow person but shout a way:"How to return

Chapter 3 is red and burning evil to bite(bottom)

The gold is small to open originally also not clear to this kind of phenomenon so, however after he discovered an astrospace dollar the dint hole hole place tens of thousands for depositing gobble up a pit, ambiguously then produced a viewpoint:The havings on the earth gobbles up a pit, all from that space"the Sa sows" since then, be like sow seeds.But when"seed" maturity behind, will automatically fly to return to an appointed location, and be accepted by some persons to walk.


Under the circumstance that ten thousand can not help, Wu Leng Yai can pretend the appearance that will break spirit and lure a gold small open to close to, then oneself lends machine to send out deadly blow.But ten thousand ten thousand what to have never thought BE, oneself with all strength of one shot although gold small Kaifeng went into among"is cold pole ice", don't can kill him!

"Five elders they are still doing not go ashore in the island, you scream madly what bird strength!"The beard righteousness is trailing the head of pure Huang, hearing his words confirmation is without any error a pure Huang, then is an in mouth mumbling, with hand once the head of pure Huang throw and bump at after death of Xing up, immediately let the pure Huang eye of enduring the torture emit Venus get up.

Just discover, I am originally wrong to is so thoroughly.

However arrived now, they also all soon attained extreme limit.

"I …… cough ……" Wu Leng Yai just meant to say words, but again a burst of and violent cough, the corner of mouth had a blood to flow out.The voice that"is alas, although dispersion …… escape, I still …… be caught up by a superior, beat into severely wounded ……" Wu Leng Yai talks is more and more small, see to would be not to go.

Still need to continue the member of team of combat all stopped the action facing in the hand these sorcery teacher that are lifted to descend profound Ju one Gong, and silently swear:Isn't another, the sorcery teacher that back a field for these also wants to win the victory of game, can not let these sorcery teachers without results pay.

"Introduce a set of villa, our person is many."Allowing Ting to blush is red for the small beautiful misunderstanding, but doesn't explain, just once connected a words head way.

The gold is small happy medium delight with unexpected good news, he likes to get most now of is a holidays, otherwise continue to stay in the mineral hole, difficult protect occurrence what accident.

A read and this, Du flies to also have no to say more, just tiny Han head then greatly tread the back yard of heading for the Dan dust son hole mansion.

"Alas!, elder generation, you can come!"Let go all the way, the Du flies directly in the office of entering into Lin Hai Tian, while Lin Hai Tian flies and is like to see a scattering of old Niang child at the sight of the Du and immediately starts to rush to come over.

Be keep elder sister Yu of the wager girl inside elder sister head company, being flown light quick glance Pie by the Du must deliver in the heart cool, see know more wide in the casino of she, know that this may be to ask for not must of lord, then Xing Xing however ground backed to return to, who know that lately- come smelly wench but stubbornly faced up!Being dark to hum in the heart is a , elder sister Yu prepares to see gamesome.It has been a week since that smelly wench comes here, haven't done obeisance her this, don't also blame her not to remind now, let that smelly wench with no expression of eyes meet rejection go to!


r promotion.

"You should early understand-is that day Lu on your body evil stone."The ice eye doesn't see as well the gold is small to open, say of seem the other people's affair similar.

"I knew, captain."The call is smaller than of should voice, then took several individuals to enter Xing

All summer clansmens of surroundings are to get a shock, the old man is also a surprised Nu to hand over to gather:"What do you say?!You forget, literally give mankind, I wait the blood of strength of clansmen, will ask for a big disaster!At the beginning be because ……hum!You think to sign next understand the big achievement of saving the clansmen, can do as pleases?"

We are in the historical parlance this ages is that we own higher building, but have more suddenly and violently of temper;We own more spacious superhighway, but have more narrow standpoint;Our cost more, own but less;We purchase more but enjoy less.

Huang Xiang Wen's seat(winter Wen Xia Men Ze is pure)

When several people prepare to leave here, the sudden ambiguously had a burst of drumbeat to spread to come over.That drumbeat seems to be visionary, but the but again makes people hard to repress the felling that the real estate livings a kind of infuriation, very marvellous.

Remember this mentality motion, the Du flies this to just walk to open a window to hallway and hope to outside.However wait he to see to stand outside and the 4 F sorcery tower about high summit of hill giant, cannot help but praising highly a way:"Indeed as expected not the Kui is a giant!"Immediately orderanied the summit of hill giant"bomb Long Long" ground to walk.

Certainly, this among them real rise function of, is still an overlay at the dollar dint of the spade surface.Under the function of that dollar dint, originally common metal spade, unexpectedly become like absolute being soldier's sharp weapon general, sharp get unimaginable!

With equal passion I have sought knowledge. I have wished to understand the hearts of men. I have wished to know why the stars shine. And I have tried to apprehend the Pythagorean power by which number holds sway above the flux. A little of this, but not much, I have achieved.

Like that my that boy looks for person to beat him afterwards, that I how to let.


The strong breeze brushes past a decrepit city building and send out to shoot a "blare"ing of public soul a voice ring, imitate a Buddha to have if numerous dead work properly at loudly the Hao cry a roar call, voice sad and shrill, if is a not enough strong intelligence person, afraid of the meeting be frightenned into bedlamite.Accompany with this strong breeze, also flow out to one dark cloud in the sky, cover up moonlight, the whole ruins city immediately sinks into darkly in, look gloomy terror.

"Ning!"The eye sees the spirit impact of a clear fairy come over, the Du flies immediately luck a method door within the day Yan absolute being Jue, know the absolute being in the brain complete to condense together to strengthen a resistibility.Be so, arrive to arrive along with blunt the spirit of way clear fairy, the Du flies of know sea still a burst of vibration, the absolute being defeats to open after knowing at resist blunt the power, let the spirit impact of its surplus hurtle to purple mansion of in the dollar absolute being, cannot help but vomiting an one mouthful blood.

I felt a moment of fear as Mortimer spoke these words.Holmes sat forward in his excitement,and his eyes showed he was very interested indeed.

Just is waiting for Du to fly in the encampment, suddenly realize a burst of spiritual influence changes in the afar and then moved to come over in a sudden.And body form a now empress, he suddenly discovers five elders to also appear at obviously have to realize in the encampment nearby, then noded to beat hello.

The youth turned over a cold stare and whispered a way:"Say true words, you not believe, say a leave words you also not believe, the true true or false leave mixs to arrive together, you still regard as is to tell a story, you are getting more beyond hope."

"I have already been getting older, don't want to experience the career of 30 year agos once, one war this time, far and rather in those early years, just some small generation of small beat small make, I don't participate in let it be."Water thousand Lian regrets way.

Hear this voice, thin way person's immediately recognizing is the R country emperor who escapeds yesterday to endure, thought to he is two gold Dan period monks that got Wu Meng go to assembly hall after, just arrive at made reprisals here of!There is this kind of viewpoint, the thin way person secretly saw flying of a look in the eyes color equanimity one degree elder generation and sighed a way in the heart:"This unlucky guy, this year is his this life year?"

"Is evil?"Seal to traverse eye pupil constringency.

However some matters I can't forget forever!

"Boon."The Du flies points to nod and walk to the maimed fat way human face before, looked into his condition of the injury, the detection had no big Ai behind ignore.Anyway these inside pupil Dan medicine in door enough, pour need not he works well a person.

"Afraid of these people rely on is that what sunshine big absolute being!This is also our biggest threat, this so-called sunshine big absolute being actually is what real strenght, what is what to cultivate ?These we all don't know, although the his majesty has already passed on a message world, so short time inside don't basically and impossibly have what superior rush through."The leaf sings breeze wrinkly the eyebrows say.Face a such crisis leaf to sing breeze the first thought of of is the sail of Yin Xin, but don't lift the Yin Xin sail's where in nowadays, he doesn't know, even if the sail of Yin Xin sings breeze at the side leaf of the North Sea now impossibly so short time also notifies him, much less Yin Xin sail enemy time world in the house, the sky knows after he arrives at here will can't derivation larger trouble.As for the second thought of of is Li Wu who has been already passed away, perhaps and really have by Li Wu's that difficult to know real strenght with that what sunshine big absolute being a fight of real strenght, regrettable these all just guess.


Seal a Ling immediately a burst of self-ridicule in heart, even he has the help of teacher, wretchedness oneself!

"Trust, I can't to Xu Ting's kid how."The Du flew to see one eye, that full face anxiously armed escort in the door is long, said with smile a sentence, then the milli- Don't mention it put that little boy to cover before car and picked his pants, Lun rise palm ruthlessly go up.

"This matter is anticipated to be gone in the juniors in January, as for get rid of time of depletion that hole mansion takes, the old man isn't clear either."Wanted to think, Chen Shi Bin then told time acted to the Du fly, however because not the circumstance in the clear hole mansion, he at this time also not know and expend how many times.

"Now that Mr. Du and small male gentlemans all want to start, that starts."The plain Chang Zhe of Korea drank lipstick wine and smiled happily ground to say.

The suddenly a burst of Nu drinks a voice to spread beside from the body, small open can distinguish from the voice, seem is exactly lay siege to him

He is just one part of contentses in your life, but cans change you whole of life.

Wear Jing duty department chief the bottom reach an order.

"Hum, the stupid goods are your consciousness space here!We talk here, no matter how long it is, waste of Be just the external world time for an instant is just.As for who I am, why want to tell you?"The voice that that person talks is icy cold, exactly just small to open at thought pleasing to listener arrive of voice.

"The Du flies!"Just recognized a good direction, the Du flewed and then hearded the together together graceful voice is after death ringing out, dark called in the heart unlucky of remaining, once turned round in response to the way:"Is Ms. Ya together and together, I still think we were separated by the transmission."

The jade don't blame and scold the meaning of cloud Qian of leaf at all in male's in the mind, however is feel a leaf cloud Qian is a heart too soft, treatment in that day is also what jade once considered at the male, he is frightened leaf cloud Qian in the mind not lead so just handled to the Luo virtuous Xiang liberality, surprisingly cover up for oneself next a root of all evil, this really lets people surprisingly.

"Just be not!"The dream son depends on a Pie mouth way:"I miss my own a person come of, however the teacher Niang doesn't trust and call elder brother Shi accompanies I am together of."


"That knot boundary has already impeded the function that the absolute being knows, you need not try."Chen Shi Bin knows that he first, explains, everyone is affirmative not to believe, so at the Du fly several people all let out absolute being to know to try later on, just tiny say with smile clear circumstance.

"Di ……Di!"The yard suddenly rang out in outside at this time car of blare a whistle voice, the summer blares snows and then smiles lived a words head, signaled hint the thunder in summer to go out accolade.

"Blood clan?"The Du flies to smell speech one Leng, don't know how of, he thought of the business that duke adventure in Niger sneaks in the Vatican headquarters Vatican again.

Suddenly a growl spreads, and then has red one only dragon from empty boat up fly, fiercely bombard to fight a protecting of fortress cover in time immemorial

'Nothing,Sir,'he said.The shadows on the wall from his light were jumping up and down as his hand shook.'It was the window,sir.I go round at night to see that they are closed,and this one wasn't shut.'

"What a guy, is this to fantasize an arena?The inside is perhaps fully able to pack descend ten several myriad people?"The gold is small to open to face upward to hesitate, don't already praise highly.

But continuously promote along with the company of week small United States, until afterwards the horizontal development became a week surname group, the week small beautiful gradual beginning discovers the weakness of brilliant Kai.

However that felling that is true, but let Fan Jia the Mo know and seal more and leave actually and really at of station

Although the voice isn't big,

Connect down how to do?"


Although have the car Xuan the station and wood Huai two big guys stay in, the Du flies a root to stand in no fear of the influence of fearing to Mo Chou Gu, can the Du fly to after death fix a true alliance to Mo Chou Gu,BE keeping in mind a silk to be afraid!

The gold is small to open to cannot help but smiling for a while, own unexpectatively of mindset unexpectedly still not equal to distance snow."You say of to."

The old monster person makes reference to the time here and has been tears cover the face.This is their tears of blood history of monster boundary, be them to claim to be a monster person, is already to recognize tacitly this kind of humiliation, recognized tacitly this kind of tears of blood history.But, this kind of engraves osseous grudge, will forever keep on spreading until they thoroughly perish and never obliterate.

"Forgot to tell you, I didn't understand a temperament.I am to say, these piano Xians are very good."Seal a Ling to stretch out a hand, on piano with pull, unexpectedly pulled out a piano Xian.

"Good!"Saw open match boon one eye, the Bo also understood his meaning, immediately once the hand flick and take many super ability warriors, silently facing matter hair the location rush through.

See the appearance that the crazy Hao refuses to close eyes in death, the person in the bar again panic get up.But meanwhile, but Qian Jing's double eye becomes stupid.She is to have never seen kill people, in the exploration in the past days, she once met a lot of cantankerous persons as well, she finally can live down, isn't near those people's wretchedness naturally.But in her heart, Du's flying has already been become one by the myth perfect don't lack image, see the crazy Hao that the Du fly to without restraint kill to lose the ability of resisting now, although just crazy the Hao fly to open fire to the Du, the offense has been already caused death,the Du in her heart flies of fine image bomb however collapse, let her immediately sink into stagnant.

"You say, I am listenning to."Seal Ling Da to have spirit.

"Connect down and then have is shorn down by the newspaper of the word put together of that letter.When I saw it, raise it at eye side.I noticed a perfume flavor, hence guessed to is the letter that a Ms. Wei sends."

"Is really, make we are all day long anxious ……"

Wait to return to a hotel in the evening, the Du flies on the bed to cross legs to sit in silence.A day, enough those scoutses sent back his news, now what he want to wait BE, force be and the attitude of green city!

"Ni can, senior to is a small matter, can not the important cause is private to discard male!"The Chou arrived a gold three little that silks entreat of look in the eyes, the Du flies to turn a head to took a look Ni dignity appearance and see a silent as cicadas in winter gold again three little, in the heart not from some sigh however.Think at the beginning, gold three little in the Meng county how of power and prestige, but Ni can just a servant of sorcery association, now gold three little but have to in the Ni can in front the vulgar Gong sits with crossed knees.Life chance really changes 100001000!

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And that’s the story of my happiness; so my love was over and ended. I will now take up my story where I left it.
シャネル バッグ 新作

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