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May 05, 2013



The eldest brother Yin in"waited until a sea why the hurry, not just allowed us ……" smiled to reprimand angrily to under charge a , however immediately have some to worry again, "if that small Niang skin was had a liking for by the black eldest brother, we could not ate again ……"

"Ha ha."See Ni shocked appearance, the Du flew to smile to smile, then took out a blank jade Chien from the universe quit, will 《 Yan absolute being Jue in sky 》of the ex-2 F was used to work properly dint to engrave to recorded into.

"Is those 3, have what problem?"Allow Ting to obviously still have some self-confidence shortage, drive in former days of once the classmate ask, tone some Nuos Nuo get up.

This experiments to have multiple purposes,

The gold is small to open to stare big eyes, he unexpectedly will appear this kind of variety!However the gold is small to open and very quickly and then discover, is station at Tan round flank of the impress made moves!

"BE, bureau chief Han."That in captain obviously some interrogative bureau chief Hans why nervous, however he doesn't want to ask more as well and directly execute an order be.

"If you want Z country, can with Li Guang together and at the right moment they also want to return to.But I return to country and handle some matters and take you inconvenient."The Du flies a direct brush-off way.

"Boon?"Smell the speech Du fly again one Leng, heart way how this evil palace palace does the lord greatly have an idea of drawing together to him?Immediately one Lin in heart, "could it be that have the other party already known that oneself has the matter of star diagram?"

Chen Shi Bin mobilizes to tell the truth not how have level, however he the prison prison held tight thousand crane purpose of persons, such as year and valley Chen...etc.s, so say to mobilize still more successful, at least now valley Chen with thousand crane year two front door partieses believe in main eyes in, the unclear Shan wears concussion of color.

Pour is monthly living expenses writes of taller than other people.

'I must write to Holmes at once,'I said,and I went straight to my room and wrote a letter to Holmes,which gave him all the details of Barrymore's story.


I feel I should warn her that no matte

"Bastard!"Ling Jia's wise powerful ruler hated ground to curse and scold a , immediately also tear off a space blind side, the hasty fire fire ground acrosses empty make track for.

This is one name of movie

Wait once the vegetables finish ascending, the jade doesn't want to let at the male Tang can the son continue to keep on blathering so, hence picked up right away a bowl of chopsticks to say:"Eat, ate, everyone started."

The answer that gets three senior clerk's negation, Hong elder generation the eyebrows was wrinkly must be more severe, wanted to think and then collected many monks way:"Everyone's searching noons don't find out a variation person, I think the guy of this craftiness and affirmed to use what the way that we don't know conceal!Everyone immediately returns respectively now

In power virtuous knowledge and talent and skill not equal to others, should speed up to catch up hard by one's own, as for the clothes worn and eat of food not equal to others, can need not worry, depressed.

There is a 15-year-old mountain area young girl, misery is turned Shanghai.On that evening, the world wears a light rain, the door of young girl opened, and an inside year of Shanghai"Allah" walked to come in.The heart palpitates of young girl arrived throat eye son.However, she still very soon the town quiet down, tactful ground interjection:"Uncle!"The middle age"Allah" is one Leng, the portrait is settled by the sorcery.

Once two vice- leader of alliances say, Na grams mostly is also a pleased, can immediately worry again:"If promoting of the process gene medicine, they are advanced how the five planets do?"

The 32 times is musted defeat and dispersed by the shot at air, let the Du flies of working properly and knowing the product that can without obstructionly look into an inside.

The gold is small to open to feel that his/her own eyes are also a bit moist, he knows that that isn't sympathetic toward, just sorrow for the woe of mankind's oneself.

"Like, that at under take leave!"Listen to the condition that the Du fly to put forward not and excessively, the wood beard son freely should descend, then arch hand one gift, started to leave a gentleman to face a hotel.


"Dog day of, died to still frighten a person!"Ruthlessly kicked ash dress is person's one feet, Ma Lyu Dan is just preparing to walk, suddenly feels to in the moment have to what things strain for a while, not from concentrate a to see, but take a ring in that ash dress hand.

"Mama, these bind a bandit courage well big, unexpectedly dare to make us beat in money a bank account number, they not afraid do we check his inside situation?"The thunder that hears a summer so on saying, summer rain immediately has some to press the Nai not to live ground to say, then stands to start the facing outside walk to, " mama, I now check the inside situation of those bank account numbers!"

Of the eyebrows is tightly wrinkly at together.The eye sees the hussar of Three Kingdoms attack less and less, but the life that looks like loophole 100 circles but seems to whet dish to gobble up Three Kingdoms soldier.The gold knife that the eye sees hopeless of attack striving for again on flicking, 2,000 heavy ride soldier to hurtle by the phalanx of the vehemence facing absolute being song empire of row mountain ocean.

However, although lambaste on six green mouths, can she still the arch has body and move

See at present 3 people want to mean decision with the activity, the Du flew to smile to say with smile:"Let's go together!"Finished saying and then led off to head for that to hold group pupil.

The gold is small happy medium dark to sigh 1, return to body of way:"The natural rivals proper solution should not knot, much less, the list is talked about real strenght to say, absolutely is that your absolute being act is stronger.If now knot with you next can not dissolve of the eternal enemy , perhaps and till the last, still believe in to injure to our pole ice larger."The this time words that the gold is small to open, pure is all position that the station believes in in the pole ice to say, if be not known that the person of inside story hears and perhaps and really think that he is the Zhang door that the pole ice believes in.

Although I front of the road is very far, very far ……

On this crystal stone mainland in addition to huge crystal stone, other of all what things have no, scan widely to hope to go, all of eyefuls are glistening ones, let people have the felling to grow to faint.The crystal stone shape on the ground all sorts of strange things, the big part is all very huge, some formed mountain peak and mound more, connect a gold small open this kind of persons who used to see a big condition to all feel some eyes hot.

Listenned to the girl's words, the Du flew wry smile to turn a Chou Chou surroundings of R the people, discover his one meter more than eight of head, still really a little bit excel others as a crane among chickens in this crowd of meaning.

"Unexpectedly there is this matter?"The original Pei dollar ground fairy still prepares to inquire the affair with flies concerning the Du, but on hearing this news, immediately fly the Du throws of brain after, turn the head spreads a sound toward a burst of outside, in a little moment more than ten fairies make and then appear at big debt doorway.

The gold is small to open to know, the host of that voice are first oneself the crisis source felt head.Only, he originally thinks that that is the evil fierce a head of Hong Huang monster, but sees now, that is unexpectedly also a big summer clansmen!


The mountainous country continues limitless steppe, the whole steppe is animate, the bird blares path You, large groups cow sheep at vast of steppe up dash about, pure river water flows to drip down from the top of hill, the You You flows to drip to say not exert of comfortable.The lake companion resides, the bright and beautiful sunlight shines in glory the earth and brings up to in the whole world living to work properly ……

They go up to have no how long, the jade waited a person to also come up at the male, everyone spread thin Tan, all was to specially and comfortablely lie down to enjoy a sunlight bath on the deck, because the position is limited so a few men is have no this treatment, hence jade at male pull a fatty pig week to wait the part that the person arrives at a ship to say:"Anyway Be free, have some time, we rather come to go fishing how, perhaps I can start to snare a white shark."

The offensive bamboo that looking at Li Jun more and more and relentless female Wu from say with a smile:"How kid sister younger sister?Quick temper how so big?Whether see your little lover and my elder sister together isn't the in the mind happy?Otherwise does the elder sister seek a little lover for you again?"Listenned to the bamboo regiment fire within the female's words Li Jun Xin be getting more prosperous more, imitating the Buddha had to break body but general, the gun power in the hand then more of violent, momentary the bamboo female who press and orchid is female left right Zhuo.Even if is so bamboo the female remain the Jiao smile a way:"The elder sister pass her little lover quickly!Otherwise the younger sister Be about to die in the her hand."Say four females to lift rapid countermarch of rattan chair.

The fire tooth is in a short while silent, way:"What also need not make."

"Why do you want to turn absolute being Dan for that guy?"Wait wagon to drive officer's way, depend the car Xuan in the car compartment wall the station just asked the question in the heart.

The gold is small to open to feel slightly a burst of to faint, immediately and then wide awake, be his favour the Die ground don't launch inside see and immediately and then discover behind, that microcosm has already blended with own whole body at together, or can say, own body was already an independent microcosm!

Impress coolly way:"The origin core of my clan has to want to hand in!"

'But it had not gone near the bod

The thin aureate Buddha prints from the beginning a crest to rise and stacked firmly to seal to more leave a vehemence pound a knife of the Bo.

The gold is small to open finally and get into the awakening of fourth rank.

Pole, tiny, rare, Yi!


"Captive's arriving is to have, but the hard spirit of these people of ask him very said nothing, and refuse to take a meal, all at last live famished."Li Yan sighed to at a stretch say.Don't know as well his this tone because is at the end of one's tether to still live to starve for the sake of sunshine country's those captiveses of final outcome but sigh.

"Darling!This felling …… is from explode a monster person?!"The gold was small to open to finally understand ownly and acquaint with a felling actually from what since then, originally this was oneself to once meet before of from explode a monster person!Only the gold is small happy medium also some oddness:"Those monster persons whom I gave relief to last time seemed to be all can't from explode, saw to my noodles being peculiar!"

"Du eldest brother, you have never said to be passed to your affair to me, can you speak for me?"From the Du fly of the look in the eyes, allowed Ting to see to fewly blame.If at the thought of oneself is a little bit ex- sky of to in anger say a suicide, immediately ashamed, try to adjust to turn a topic.

 Face variation person of pre-eminent, the pure Huang doesn't dare to save 137 squads long, can continue to flee elsewhere.Can there are a words well said, "again how deceitful fox, also Dou however like to hunt a hand", the pure Huang leans against to flee elsewhere to avoid a variation hunting for of person, but as for time that in the end accidentally lose, result this accidentally loses, he becomes the prisoner in the variation hand, is grasped this base.

1, the whole fine time in the life, we can not keep.Everyone all life in the middle of flowing and becoming, the lives of everyone all flow to change.So, a person's life whether is fascinating, didn't lie in him to keep how much jewelry, but lie in his hasing is excessive little to want to stay but stay don't live of the fine time is exactly these every moment constituted his life in of the royal feasts of fluxion.Stay not to live certainly is sorrow, have never wanted to keep of jewelry but is a larger woe.

"Can you are a genius, " makes reference to here, six green force a to smile, the tone more falls Mo, "a completely fix true genius.I originally think that I make use of three years to try very hard to self-discipline to the gold Dan initial stage, can with you forever together.But see now, I have already been far and far jilted to open by you, the root was two persons of worlds."

Fire tooth suddenly mouth to the small gold opened to smile for a while, don't know to is to isn't own illusion, the gold is small to open to unexpectedly feel that an algidity keeps fleeing from oneself's heel the crest is above."I really know that guy, if he is really a Yao area ……"

White only the dragon is extremely fierce, the white on its body light although have a liking for go to sacred matchless, be full of terror of eliminating and melting strength, two resist with it face to face of only the dragon Be just 1 to face to face personally, drive white light expunction lesser half body, sign then Ai write escaped a part.White light the dragon rush toward red light dragon in, wind around to seethe, rush and swerve about madly, other light dragons fear white light of eliminating and melting strength, in succession avoid.Momentary that white light the dragon maneuver to look sideways, invincible!

"Driveway friend, what matter?"The car Xuan station waits person to come back to curl up of work properly

Small male's respecting a farmland doesn't be responsible for a house lord give, cost more than 30 years, let the small male house is in the black dragon will of stood firm a heel in intermediate household, however also because and several inside layer households once battled out a benefits, but give offense to them after death high household.Being this time to come to Z country to loot a virtual realistic technique is those ghosts of high household Daos, otherwise small male respect the farmland absolutely can't connect this risk to lead a high task!

"Vegetables green insect?"Sea the Si is a bit bad cold, way:"Is really not understand, do you at the beginning and how can rise such a name?"

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