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September 02, 2013



http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html>jeremy scott wings Rainy day mire, snow road in the sky slippery, he will habitual ground hand those recklessly very naughty kids and Chan to hand to act inconvenient blind man and that this ascended age of old man.

The gold is small to open although some in heart far from goodly prepare feeling, however also is all to completely trust, he knows that the fire tooth in no case will harm him.

"Younger generation the summer that know with the whole world group in Hong Kong blares Ms. Xue relevant, concrete how, also want to carry on a survey again!"For this, Du's flying don't conceal.Because blare snow along with his summer of contact, Wu Meng's affirmation will receive news, that is straight-tempered now say clearly!

The strand usually takes part in basketball game, and quiet is his faithful audience, every have his basketball match to calm down a don't also fall in.The time that sees a game calms down to all encourage for strand crazily, decibel Gao to can be all crazy in the owners call return depend on sparse recognize of her voice!See quiet to so passionately pay tribute, also for prevent°froming her being again hit by the ball and harming a strand arrangement to sit in silence at the player in the center.Originally should be a quite good affairs, calm down and also pretty appreciate strand, but the strand is old and makes the quiet help passes water and pass a towel and takes clothes and makes her feel that she is in fact being "is free and doing odd jobs woman worker" of strand, but has no way ah, ability the close quarter see the advantage of ball game luring her and willingly doing this and"do odd jobs" a worker.

http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html>jeremy scott wings Although annoy in the heart, however this is the arrangement in the territory, Du's flying doesn't want to say more as well, just the speed of the foot speed many, start to let to follow his Yan to leave a luck inside achievement just make track for of top he.

Several voices sad and shrillly bellow a voice to ring out and prepare to pull and drag those guys of distance snow all Wu to wear a double the eye fall down in the ground, blood from their pointed to sew a midstream to come out-their eyes have already been stabbed blind!However compare them, a little bit another raid gold is small to open of the roughneck is lucky many, they almost is in another moment get last the gold is small to open of heavy boxing, along with the bone of a burst of"Mao mile Pa" ground crack ring, these guys was all abruptly beaten to fly to go out.

Many monks and Du fly outside the hole mansion of in the common expectation, the Du flies to convert the crystal of to become a circle to slip away gradually inside the body


http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html>adidas jeremy scott At variation person commander the officer and chief of staff call a many staff officers to negotiate how to deal with the time of evolving the body, the Du flies but single one person secretly pass empty, arrived at the variation person's cosmos.

This time even Ling Jia's wise powerful ruler didn't also answer criticism that talking of the south section Er, just the double eyes of dark in one silk naked flash across, don't know as well to be moving what idea.

See this circumstance, the Du flew to also seek a place and fastenned with the spirit of worked properly hard stone instauration to just manipulate the summit of hill giant is to the depletion that works properly to know.

"This bottom bothered."The gold is nearby small to open wry smile to took a look of the card pull.

http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html>jeremy scott wings "That is certainly."The boon space says with smile:"All of his close armed escorts are the big superiors of three ranks, in addition, also have several 100 people's near Wei soldier with go, those are lowest also all is one practicing moral teachings of rank, they can't let any don't licensed person approach of."

Ao snow sees the look in the eyes that Li Tai sees Li Jun know that he remains deathless heart, but looking at remain Li Jun with cool look know that Li Tai is some opportunities to can't include.The thunder Qiu lightly coughs one to say:"We guess to also have no here what use, I think in addition to courageous empire outside each present even if is an old Ao younger brother also unable to do with the prince's lord?Rather we respectively send back the guess of leaf's brothers domestic quickly, as for how decide that we do minister son also not say what."

He from the house in ran to go out to put dog to come out.Immediately after, he jumps at the back of that black horse up, is escorted by those dogs that run about wildly to roar indiscriminately the best plan horse at the Zhao ground but go.


http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx>ralph lauren coupons "Just when the noodles sees a territory lord the territory lord has already given the identity of my elder."Hear advising of Zhu Hua Dao person Zu, the Du flew to describe with a delicate touch ground to say a track.

Far at rise in the east the Pei dollar of mainland the ground fairy still have a many fairies to make at the moment just in the rest, suddenly feel a world spiritual influence a burst of changes, then and immediately moved in a sudden past.However they see after arriving to of is a sea water is overalying cavely, and an airship that has been already kept off.

"Re- say, say a little bit excitedly!"Picked up a recording pen, the male of Yin Zhi listenned to a time of recording of inside and had already immediately had some to dissatisfiedly strike off.

"Like, good!"See the Du that comes out in from the transmission fly, Louis Si master immediately and excitedly in quick time walk in the past, grasp the Du flew of arm, a connected to say a few good.The Louis Si also worries, although the Du flies of the real strenght is very strong,the circumstance of Antarctica is too bad, if run into an avalanche what of, allow you the much big skill Be all difficult to escape, the strength of the great universe can not resist!

http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx>ralph lauren polo outlet online After filling up a crystal stone of various best in pocket, the black piece suddenly discovers at not the distance has one deep cave, in don't live ground to outwardly spew out light white fog spirit, a motion of energy outwardly expands from the hole

"That still uses to say!Xiao that old thing in house has been the teacher uncle's defeated opponent and defeat him which will have what problem!"Along with another an inside spirit hundred percently the voice ring out, the Du flies and then sees one old two little Taoist priestses once turned to turn Cape and appeared at hallway.



http://government.lovescooking.net/nhl.html>cheap nhl jerseys Wait jade at once the male get to hospital, an enter sickroom to see the 2 Bs is tidying up thing, at 1:00 abnormality all have no, jade at male immediately some last fires, this not is tease person for fun, have no matter telephone in still say so urgently dry what.

"I have an eye not to know Mount Taishan, this time I the crazy Hao recognized to plant!You want how do, say!"See the vision that the Du fly fall back in his/her own body, crazy Hao crest live heart in of cold idea, the voice shivers ground to say.He came out to mix for more than 20 years, the disturbances once seeing was also many.Although the in the mind awe that the Du flies to him is very big,the in the mind awe that the Du flies to him becomes for several years of ferocious mien, let he mood instauration after, unwillingly can also speak words.

"Go to an island!"Fly to return to the islet that 138 squads garrison, the Du flies freely and to sea of if the rat orders a , then landed rather Peng nearby.

Is some to become stunned, this be still the first-time Du fly to talk with her thus, is concerning her?Thought of my Li Dan Shu suddenly Noan-noan in heart of, what benefit the disadvantage is used Kui especially of viewpoint, all throw far away to go.Several days that escapes here in, she always the load is surprised to be subjected to afraid, be suddenly flown by the Du a to concern now, nature like the long drought meet timely rain generally, even if just a little, also let her warm for a long time.

http://heavenly.photographist.me/ncaa.html>wholesale ncaa jerseys Sun Mou swept one eye after letting go of a long distance mirror in the hand nearby public, discover these people's airs all seem to be very seriously, know oneself thinks of of these people equally think, but is the armed forces commander-in-chief of he absolutely doesn't can let own misgiving the soldier of under charge sees, sees he deeply take a suck at spirit loudly of shout a way:"The armed forces listens to make, work well defense preparation, make me ten square, give no quarter!"The words sound that strives for along with, four country about 1,000,000 allied troops greatly drink a way at the same time:"Make me ten square, give no quarter!Give no quarter!"The billowing voice from a distance spread to go out.

"?"Listen to Chen Shi Bin so on saying, the Du flies several people exclaim a , hurriedly learn Chen Shi Bin to so know absolute being to spread all over body on all sides.However among them the Du flies is an affectation, because he early passed this to know.

Also teach him the rule for appreciating great universe


http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.impressivefood.com/cheap-pandora-necklaces.html>Cheap Pandora Necklaces "Afraid of these people rely on is that what sunshine big absolute being!This is also our biggest threat, this so-called sunshine big absolute being actually is what real strenght, what is what to cultivate ?These we all don't know, although the his majesty has already passed on a message world, so short time inside don't basically and impossibly have what superior rush through."The leaf sings breeze wrinkly the eyebrows say.Face a such crisis leaf to sing breeze the first thought of of is the sail of Yin Xin, but don't lift the Yin Xin sail's where in nowadays, he doesn't know, even if the sail of Yin Xin sings breeze at the side leaf of the North Sea now impossibly so short time also notifies him, much less Yin Xin sail enemy time world in the house, the sky knows after he arrives at here will can't derivation larger trouble.As for the second thought of of is Li Wu who has been already passed away, perhaps and really have by Li Wu's that difficult to know real strenght with that what sunshine big absolute being a fight of real strenght, regrettable these all just guess.

Just the girl don't know that the boy's girl friend is a best friend for girl, at just know of time, the girl received a quilt silently and thought for livelong night and originally intended to no longer manage him and her friend, but, finally, the girl was still too docile, didn't lead for two days, she gave up she the persistence at first, because she didn't want to make her friend and he suffer from injury, is just that she seemed to forget, in fact she was that to get hurt to harm the deepest person ……

"The baby is lovely, don't cry!Come home, safety!"Hug two daughters, Liu Xin Yu advises them don't cry, but the tears in the his eyes without restraint flows to drip.

As a doctor, if can not save life and to help injured people, so, not Mei's wearing conscience to accept red envelope is also a kind of docile.

http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.mee.nu/>Cheap Pandora Beads Did in the heart decision, the Du flies and then walks to return to cockpit, then adjusts a star road diagram and starts the plan in the perfect heart.

Again lingered in seven Yao cities for several days behind, a group of people finally and formally prepares to set out.The gold is small to open and distance snow Ci don't boon space, although this boy is very unwilling to part with,can not take him to set out, either, how say again he also just a new hand that just blended a crystal pit, perhaps will become implicating of several people of oneself.The boon space also knows these by himself/herself, then don't dare to demand as well, in the heart but make a firm decision, must think a way to promote real strenght, hereafter just can have opportunity to recompense the gold eldest brother that presents his/her own perfect crystal pit.

Listen to six green so on saying, the great white crane true person isn't hoped her one eye by the Ya however the ground.Is previous six green but be like to defend a thief to similarly defend she approaches Du to fly, how now speech but greatly have an idea of relaxing?


http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.impressivefood.com/cheap-pandora-bracelets.html>Cheap Pandora Bracelets "That's right and all untied."Make reference to those dint hole hole, the gold is small happy medium to walk on air, releasing of after all each dollar dint hole hole, almost have his participation."Calculate, this matter we lead a burst of again chat, leave this space first now."The gold is small to open some those three colleagues who worry Ling Jia's wise powerful ruler suddenly come back, although say that oneself has a Yao area this time a gentleman the king beside help, with two to three still and unavoidably will have some harm, lose more than gain.

 is dark.'

The gold is small to open inwardly worried here, suddenly hear the fire tooth of one side sinking a voice to drink a way:"The quiet mind concentrates, don't entertain foolish ideas!Still remember you are in four rank pits that get for the first time on the earth?Hand over to me it at once!"

"Do not know?This tall ship is appear without basis of don't become?"Li Yan's tone is more and more severe.

http://pandorajewelleryoutlets.justgotmarried.net/cheap-pandora-charms.html>Cheap Pandora Charms "What is the sovereign Liao Kao again?"The gold is small to open insurance it again insurance the ground stay away an Ultrasaurus, back but be pared 1 F.

Then he had no news.

The gold doesn't quit to get a shock and turns head to looking at him:"How can


Afloat wear an innumerable like the liquid drop of football size in the air, the color is tiny Huang, the strong energy motion is from these tops send forth.The coagulation bodies that is a world vitality are the things of essence more.

"Fly an uncle to respect to your Du yes!"Qian Jing followed to give repeated advice to a , then fly a way to the Du, " Du eldest brother, these two kids are very naughty, you many loads need a point."

At the right moment this time outside an attendant come in to say someone's close book, and Zhao Ning Ying because just a words of the owner this time also foolish a bit uneasiness, so certainly start to go out right away.

Come out is really a mistake, he completely lost a control now.Can not assimilate to work properly the mentality in the stone in the traditional sorcery teacher so much, this is also regarded as misery in of greatly luckily, otherwise face Louis Si the interrogation of all sorcery the superior of the associations even, he doesn't know how to explain.

"Open fire!"See to come to hand next get hurt, Han Qiu Ya no longer hesitates, a Nu drinks, and moreover a criminal police member of team towarded silver wolf while signing the Qing leaked all bullets in the pistol, but let what them disappointed BE, the high speed in the silver wolf twinkles in, be not in the clout by one hair bullet.

The order heard have no falsely inform, underneath six squads Be long to peep out the facial expression of deliberation in succession.This order is obviously as irrelevant as they, but always at here extremely bossy of have no falsely, then want to leave for as far as a close together mainland to left for to advertise for a war.However involve to a problem now, be after having no to falsely walk, in brigade temporarily by whom be responsible for?

"The person of those casinos this the meeting have already received news, is organizing a person to come to this place."Saw Lin Wan Er's one eye, the Du flew to continue emotionless say, " can not escape before they rush through to come with your father female's physical strength how far, it is an affirmative matter to be held tight."

These 12 big summer clansmens not only at externally

"I have no what want something to take."The Du flew to see a , then followed Ai Luo to also keep on jumping.

The gold is small to open Zhui after those Human bodies, a long time after then before arriving at a huge building.That building shape has a liking for to seem to have a little be like thou arena in Rome, only the physical volume has to be more huge and highly and about has about 100 meters and covers amplitude and far and far hope the Wei E is stalwart, the feel like head of occupies in the huge monster on the ground.

If we die tomorrow, the company that we are working for could easily replace us in a matter of days. But the family we left behind will feel the loss for the rest of their lives.


"Is alas, that pours is also."

The morning wakes up, you whether the meeting immediately opens a window, it lets that delightfully fresh air rush toward noodles since then and gives you a day of good heart feeling!

The gold is small happy medium to thought of this, absolutely want to spring up to horselaugh of acclaim!The voice of tooth that the sudden gold is small to open to spread fire in the brain, light way:"Do not be happy too early, refrain from rash action your strength first for a while, otherwise and around produce the scope of variation will more and more wide, once influencing other superiors, that you are to make many Nus."

The gold is small to open the defense sign on the body line too thou Huang wall the energy arrive biggest, protect in distance snow before the body, the bitterness bitterness resists for a sky, the strength motion of surge that thunder war drum sends forth.As for say that orchid degree and Chi fainting another side are 2 people in the sky, the gold is small to open can be in mind to keep a sorry and ashamed idea as well, hope they from beg much blessing.

"Shit!"The blood servant being knocked down shouts loudly a , immediately two eyes are very popular, the canine teeth in the mouth suddenly becomes long and ruthlessly bite at rush toward in his that person's Bo neck.

The time is like shuttle, according to the Qiao of the fairyland of a batch of Pengs Lai's expecting monk be sent to the back of the concealed bead mainland and pass by for two months.


"It is so."After finishing listenning to relating of tooth Liao, the gold is small to open to can not help a sob of exclamation, see appearance this too much and come close nature also not that wonderful."To, here of huge turn a plant actually is what is the row?Since have much of various building to once have the civilization prosperous period to construct as well before here, that explains at that time should didn't°yet huge plant?"The gold is small to open to lift out the question in the heart.

 The Fu in nowadays is even, have already completely canned not considered of what grasped to catch the monster person's task, now most important of is quickly own of the under charges save back!If oneself gives them up and escapes right away, that own perhaps small life also soon arrived a head and waited to return to organization in after, affirmation will be been removed with the criminal charges of "flee before the battle starts, conductor not dint".

And see feeling religion the old road that will follow dint to believe in at present, Peng cloud is just hasty the hairs almost deliver white, he once considered to suggest each big religious sect as well resultant force go to outside again probe into a star diagram comes out, however later on again vetoed this mind.Now within Peng Lai emperor Ge and evil palace two parties fight both with open and secret means, but due to three in the side but don't dare to get into nasty fight, see three comedowns forthcoming, do they gloat over the disaster of others still too late and how can make moves to mutually help?But if is three to cooperate to go out quest by himself/herself, once what surprised, those were three and then thoroughly finished, because emperor Ge and evil palace two squares absolutely can't pass to annex by force three good opportunities.

The night breeze lightly blew to come over, dream son's depending on after all body was weaker thin, shrunk to shrink body, but wake up with a start to seal a Ling .


"Is not only is an arena here so simple, " little monkey explanation way:"The inside still included various amusement recreational facilities, there is even also casino, Dou monster field etc. part."

"You is this why the need for again?"Sun Zhong takes back hands, some disappointment, asking of some misgivingses way.

Chapter 8 space drifts(up)

"The third I declare now, from ……"

However the medicine dint of the Dan medicine is limited.All medicine dint that wait a dollar miracle drug can not get the purple mansion that the spiritual influence adds after finishing consuming and fly a dollar baby's gradual absorption in the Du under, slowly resumed again previous thin and diluted.And the Du fly of dollar the baby , after passing by this and making a meal of, also grewed up for several cents and all over seemed to be more for condense.

Chapter 1 dreamland space(up)

"Stupid goods!"See this act, person Nu of hush drinks a , hurriedly know to know the absolute being of that elder to force the time drink a way with the absolute being, " do you forget us to want to notice to conceal now?You let out absolute being to know not is tell them us to are here!"

The motion of suddenly a burst of energy,such as tidewater, lightly once rows the small gold opens of body, made the gold small to open unbearable tiny Zhan for a while.How can it possibly be be full of the breathing of a heavenliness in the quantity, just just felt that breathing, the gold is small to open and then feel oneself's body is pure to annoy great, all over was full of strength.

My in the mind contains profound wish and blesses to really have future life, can finish their love infatuated.

'His name,'said the taxi driver,'was Sherlock Holmes.'

Because the leaf sings opening of breeze eyes, the vehemence of his oneself also at momentary explosion but, resist to come from ten thousand Zhang heroisms on the long gun.After the leaf sings the vehemence of breeze to break out even feel Li Jun one silk surprised Cha:The leaf sings the vehemence of breeze always all is that kind of the arrogant that wins positive Ping-ho, the arrogant like that is the arrogant that doesn't take one silk fighting, in the whole world of Hao however sense of right;Can the leaf sing at this time although the vehemence of breeze remains is that kind of arrogant, that in the felling of positive Ping-ho but is all gone, have of Be just the most pure arrogant, that kind of in the whole world give up me it who arrogant.If the leaf who says a past sings breeze to be like a gentleman king whom the boon Wei combines, so now is like also the gentleman king of iron blood wrist.It completely is two kinds of different fellings.


Hear together together graceful stuffy to hum a voice, that younger brother Shi turns head a to see, then bad ruthlessly way:"Two of your legs all broke, don't at struggle!"

The absolute being that the Du flies after knowing into the concealed bead didn't appear on the mainland, but arrived at a hidden space.

 If the result jade lovely root reasonses didn't realize jade at the male this time, but looking at a 2 Bs to say:"Still drink?"

The interjection Ga of soul body however, that only a golden light inside Long Ti if worked properly a snake sort to tie up up, immediately that soul body seems balloon to lose power sort crone down, the end is thoroughly absorbed almost exhausted by that golden light, connected to order remnant don't remain.The gold is small to open oneself be also got a fright by this mishap, however spread an idea to read from the light body dragon at this time, linked a gold small open of in the thinking, the gold is small to open this to just understand beginning and ends in it.

"Boon, certainly."The Du flies although want to let six green stay at the concealed bead of in the space, he knows six very green personalities, at that moment doesn't also advise Zu and orders an answer way.


"Younger brother Shi, I am when

Say to is also oddness, the gold just was like as soon as breathing of launching that hot and dry to immediately weaken a lot, although can not the heart thoroughly clearing but can't influencing a leaf to sing acting of breeze, either, and wildly doing not already jump also slowly resumes as usual, the circumstance like this makes the leaf don't already sing breeze oddness.In fact this also has no very strange of, the gold just was like leaf to sing the breeze protected a method gold from the Buddhism body just up comprehend but of, and the strong sun won by he and Li Jun fan fog be not what kill people saw the poison of blood, only was a kind of violent aphrodisiac, and four females intentionally lured the circumstance that woulded appear just.The Buddhism is the self-discipline method that is most a pure heart and few desires in the mainland, when the just- been like gold protects to hold to sing breeze to sign under the leaf recover an irritable dynamic mind down, and that kind of Hao however sense of right are exactly the whole improbities achievement the jinx of thing of the method and this kind of Yin Hui.But this breathing be not seven kill the breathing that needs, so the leaf sings breeze to will break a soldier gun to stay in, and orderanies seven a countermarch of killings, after all breaking the desolate spirit in the soldier gun completely can support seven operation of of killings.

First eye, the river fancied her.

"Invoke a monster?!Is an evil monster emissary?She how can takes for a sky, Lu evil stone of?……Can someone already withdraw vitalities in it?"Finish China Luo obviously is pretty much value red burning the circumstance for making collective report, lower the head to don't already contemplate."Do not go, this day Lu evil stone we have to want to control in hand!Even if that woman is an evil monster emissary, this kind of time also can let ……I will let the tall ship of robbing of star thief start out!"Finish a China Luo's eye to expose fierce light, to that Lu evil stone power at must.

Elder brother, you still don't come back now well ……"


Is at the thought of here, Chen Jing just some heart palpitateses of mitigations in addition play get up.That is the tall person of diverted period!At Peng Lai evil palace in, in addition to she that doesn't know in addition to the ancestor that is how much generation, has for only one person thus of fix is to put in the fairyland of Peng Lai, also the superior who has a number for, changing but talking it, the Du flying even if!

Now the whole hall in have already been broken of in a great mess, the hall space almost extends 100%, everywhere all is like dust general broken bits, all of that are the metal wall and floor that is broken by various strong strength.The gold was small to develop in a short while foolish, suddenly thought of own a few colleagues, turned head and saw, but discovered that they are all placed in in coma, the words not and cautiously seeing still think they just asleep just.Moreover those cards' pulling is also an all similar status, all drive just of those strength vibration the lane faint.

So, he today is also with usually similar

Rice bamboo male spade several bottoms after, then throw the spade to one side, to small open a way:"Saw clear?"

The rain-storm doesn't stop, beginning freshet in the city of doll, till Saturday evening, she hopes to go out from the veranda, water already half leg Gao.Her over the nightses all sleep unsteady, the sky has no bright awake, a second ground gets till 7:00.Usually and by this time the river should arrive, but this day, hear of Be just rain voice.She sits not to live, whole is water on the street, someone supports out raft to be a rent, she made a raft go to station, the station was empty, the person of on duty says, flood blunt broke a highway, yesterday afternoon, all cars stopped to open.

Stare at to fix attention on ex- big Ding, the Du flies silent get up.The Ding is a big expensive domestic expenses to have a meal in the ancient times of, therefore the United States that also has a clock to blare a Ding food in the big expensive house of ancient times calls.However at fix the closeness that true s discover Ding afterwards very good, so take Ding for someone to make pill or do a machine.At present the appear to quit in the universe in of big Ding, Du's flying certainly can't think it is use to cook, however, it is exactly the medicine a Ding still a machine Ding, the Du flies to also have no from distinguish.

The Du flies to take 138 squads to arrive at medium brigade fortress, be apart from time that he before left to just pass by one Zhu joss-stick, now fortress in in addition to original garrison of 133 squads, four other squads still didn't rush through together with the captain.

"How?"By this time, a person who looks like casino small head of group walked to come over, the banker of facing facial expression hair white asks a way.

"Also not is what great problem, " sees the Du fly serious appearance, Na gram many elders know that he realized what, straight-tempered keep speech of way, "because the virus kind is fighting an alliance of that kind of of the research of foundation succeed of, so want the batch quantity manufacturing medicine virus, have to first the batch quantity made to fight an alliance that kind of, then joined a little amount kind to go."

The carter sees to the Holmes control a lot of circumstances but feel surprised Cha.He answers a way:"That person once said that he is a detective, also said to forbid to speak concerning his affair to anyone to me to me."

At the moment the second floor already there is no one living a person, the Du after flying use to work properly to know to sweep to see 1 turn didn't discover that the small male respects the corpse of farmland, then the path is straight up the third floor.Just


See the shape that the fat boy is familiar with, the Du flies to at last let go of heart, then walks to the part, after crossing legs to sit down, forced from the purple mansion concealed bead.

Giving it a bit of thought more isn't very good."

"Does not the contact arrive me?"The Du flies a head of fog water, he once contacted with base just yesterday, now but say to is to don't contact for two days, thoughted of here, the Du flies the subconscious ground took a look screen Cape up of date.

The little girl title looking at the father on the spirit head, the tears is in her eye socket dozen turn:"Father, it isn't empty.The noodles filled up my to kiss here."

See clear the Du flies of feature and be dressed in, those people return in succession overdo go to, in the heart should only Du's flying is to just break the jade liquid expected of monk.Unfortunately they in have no jade liquid to expect behind of monk, otherwise will definitely recognize, Du's flying is some ex- breakthroughs to the gold Dan to expect of that flies an one degree true person!

I seek Li Zi Mu to date alone, the location is that I like of admire the root reach a Si store.Summer's his house releases now of the new style of ice-cream chafing dish is very captivating, the most suitable match lovers of sharing.

Looking at dream son to depend on an all is teasing himself/herself, seal a Ling not from must be very depressed, however looking at dream son depend on that joyful facial expression, seal Ling to all with no reason feel very delighted.

The little girl looked up at him with tears rolling from her eyes and said: "Daddy, it's not empty. I blew kisses into it until it was all full."

Is red burning also lazy must play a joke on him,

And Zhao Xu same target of water fasten sorcery teacher Ao virtuous Lun when Zhao Xu's ground crack Shu carries on an attack, in the his hand that the sorcery Zhang of the aquamarine blue color also immediately break out one regiment aquamarine blue the light of the color is dizzy, spray along with the dizzy light thin but of is a rising water chemical element, sees those water chemical element perfectly straights of make track for toward whirling 7 people, along with water chemical element of push forward, in the air water chemical element well be subjected to what invoke and generally and continuously strengthen that the light of the aquamarine blue color dizzy, along with more and more water chemical elements of join, the light is dizzy to is on the contrary gradually thin to become real water current, lined up the mountain pours a sea sort of facing 7 people approach, that violent threatening force almost on all voices of match field cover up generally, is exactly water and fastens the cluster in the sorcery and offends sorcery surge Tao sand, but this great waves Tao of isn't a sand Shuo but is a life.Along with that great waves of close by, whirling 7 people even all feel a light water vapor, the together aureate glory appears on the only route of great waves at this time and continuously gleam a height along with the golden light one Zhang of enough to spare of six wing the angel block at the great waves is right ahead, see those six wing angel's hands hold eight Chinese feet only the sword facing dashes about since then of once the great waves flick, together with only the sword wait long gold color glory to take a daintiness of the curve headed for blue big waves, impressively is bright to fasten angel's advent in the sorcery.When big waves and aureate glory of the blue collision together of the vibration produced even if is sit on the distance view to fight

The sky of city burst upon the figure that several fairies fly!


"Do you really want to know all these?"BE resisting the ear of accepting the Xian, a small voice, suddenly ring out, although is small

The area was outside sky of to is evil to invade, originally was the good opportunity that the Du flies to promote mood this time, the unfortunately fat boy made moves to dissolve for him, although don't meet what dangerous, also lost an opportunity that the mood promotes.Among them of chance and opportunity disaster blessing, but is hard to say pure!

"Does the Du fly?"Speak a method Jue finally understand after, the wood Huai didn't teach the interest of way as well and waved hand and then signaled hint the boy leave, while he suddenly realizes at this time be suffused with to have one to work properly dint motion in the building, once the Ning eyes see, but the detection is the Du that has been having no trace and shadow to fly!

The Fu is even although only have 30 many year old, the intelligence is perspicacious of he but already the self-discipline arrive the third rank awakes of degree, in the middle of practicing moral teachings also be regarded as one inside etc. superior.Only his looks have no along with awakening promoting of degree but change, triangle eye, the Han in point, again go together with to ascend him that Gao high of Quan bone, anyone sees him will have a kind of felling that sees snake.

Fly to put together Dou with Du, the person of hush also at last had experience.Two after connecting to touch, the person of hush don't use at all the slightest of magic trick technique, only just urge to work properly dint, with the purple color work properly sword to wildly bomb over deep-fried, break Qiao by dint, force the Du fly to only ward off of achievement, have no to strike back of dint.

"Yan bag, the elfevident is to deposit to gobble up

However the gold is small to open not easy, he hopes the aftermath of the explosion of that regiment, the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly.

"Boon, is ah!"Together and together the friendship is flown by the Du of once the words take and also thought of the circumstance in that day, body not from beat cold war, immediately and for heart and just of question also not how value.

Three often and"king" together play, but never he once hurt what person."King" sometimes to three good, sometimes seem to be also very don't talk with him for a long time, that must be"king" the world took place what antinomy, I think.I always don't also make pure three exactly is the citizen who isn't under the leadership of"king", can I really hope three don't belong to "king" of world.

Li Jun's using after singing the breeze lightly put unique a bed in the grass shed the top a leaf is own to is light hands to wipe the blood stains on his body clean, is doing the time of all these her cry a voice basically have never stopped, heard Lee handsomely cry a leaf to sing breeze to want to comfort for a while but suffer from having no way ambulation oneself's body.When the leaf sings the blood stains on the breeze body be wiped clean empress Li Jun slowly of hands he, the double Zhang carries on the back after arriving at his up slowly of ownly inside dint to his body inside deliver in the past, but when her inside dint a get into the body that the leaf sang breeze empress be immediately sung inside the breeze body by the leaf of inside the dint impeded down and intactly to played to return to.

Finally, Huang Mang Bian is thin, Hui heart immediately mind a loose, be all slacken down all over.The Hui of behind only also pants noisily, is all crafty in the eye.


Seal Ling Jian Hui simply doing not promise immediately cold way:"Hui light, you don't want insatiably greedy, I decide of affair, you basically have no dint change."

"She fears her that ruthlessness husband very much, but she doubts that the dead that he replies to check Er Si jazz is responsible for again.She knows the affair of that hunting dog, she guessed to is a hunting dog to harm to die him while filling Er to ascend dying.She knows that her husband has a meal at the Henry's jazz of that settles down dog in the evening at home.They fought because of the affair of hunting dog in that evening, while quarreling the Si set Pu the affair that tell her relevant Lai to rise wife Si.She all disappeared in that a moment to her husband's any loves.He knows the favour that she wants to help Henry the jazz consequently beat her and tie~upped her to get up again."

●Faces before going to work for a day, babysitter says to me, you hereafter buy refrigerator again to still buy sea Er of, happy while saying this words that the feeling is overflowed to talk form, I sign feeling interest, ask why, she says that the refrigerator of yesterday's home doesn't make it's cold, she makes a phone call to maintain a department for sea Er, once the telephone connect, she hasn't said what matter, the other party soft voice says:"Is really sorry, you a stir this telephone to explain that we troubled you."

Chapter 33 summer house

The savage country people leader takes a gold small open to come of the cave, be located in the central part of canyon stone wall.The cave opens very greatly and still spreads on the ground of entrance to cave 1 F skin, this well displays the person identity that inside lives of highly respectable.The cave is very deep, also very dry, inset on the wall can send out the rock of ray of light, that acted as illuminative tool.

"BE, teacher!"Some one eyes that interrogatively hoped a purple true person, the Hong hero orders and then descended to arrange.However at this time Hong hero heart in rose one silk question:Be like this life-and-death great problem, teacher why does the impassability tell mainland top all Zong Men and unite them to carry on resisting, but seal mountain to shut a religion and seem a mental defence to just guard?

After more than a weeks of time, the Du flies on the car Xuan a station of finally drove wagon to arrive to the transmission of eastern mainland place under the guide line.But on the road, his then taking advantage of an opportunity to purchase in great quantities can hoard food to deposit into concealed diagram and estimated to allow the sea person in the concealed diagram to eat top in about a year all not a problem.

"That if have opportunity to get a good work, would Li Ge like to leave this line to be?"Listenned to Lee widely sigh, the Du flew a mind in heart one Shan, slightly sound out a way.

"This matter this from have been already made firm decision, you and bear again to turn a life time!"See the wonderful old way of dust shut ascend mouth, any respected a true person to lightly say a sentence, then displayed occult art to open six a sons of transmigration of souls and let the cripple soul of dust wonderful old way float to go into.

A kid at be full of quiet and peaceful environment under grow up

Imitating the Buddha was in making to play to show for that seaman, being in a twinkling covering with in flying of getting empty boat 1 F cold frost, close behind empty the boat lose power once again and keep on sinking into on the facing ground.The arrival of that ice storm still brought an extremely cold cold current of air at the same time, all over the place penetrated everywhere and even connected that grounds in black to all become the color of silver white gradually.


The Du of this place's flying the slightest doesn't know the other party commander officer for F square's slight, just lead a head, the hair fought big brigade vehemence,such as Hong ground, to rush out empty, directly offend to that empty warship that spreads densely at the empty outside.

"Now that you also understand this kind of strength, that do we still need to keep on beating?"The Hey that the gold is small to open Hey smiled two- track:"Anyway you also aren't likely to vanquish me, not as now as everyone give up to calculate."

"The boon knew, teacher."The Du flies to slowly accept an achievement and jump down a bed whole whole clothes, followed Louis Si to come out room.

"Fire tooth there is a thing needing you to take a look."The gold is small to open to call a fire tooth, and that day Lu the evil stone took out."Your seeing this thing is actually what."

The gold is really don't know small to open to think of she by herself ability and fire tooth at communicate of affair, have to explanation way:"This speaks of to really is some complications, however ……you completely can regard as my to gobble up a pit a bit special, it in have among the thought that some memories flowed me, hence I knew."

"The in this world has no difficult matter, only afraid observant and conscientious person", there is heart then a lot of problem easily solveds, having heart will persist to keep on asking and keep on learning and descend to go and work well a person from workbook in affair high school in effort.

The appearance of Liao that the gold was small to open to come right away fascination, see a tooth, obviously wanting to take the thing that oneself sees can't be so simple.

Unexpectedly became a hedgehog general, outwardly and suddenly and violently projected numerous algidities of thin silk sorts!


Between spreading dynamically and pretty much and quickly, in a little moment, 8 fixs for at least also at monk with early Qiao from sky decline to drop down, hope Xuan frost to wait a person for the old of head, coolly tunnel a , is exactly a star to believe in very much of believe in lord China is strict.

The Fu Nao Yu Shan Mu Zhai Ma?The Di leads long my visit Jin Mao the Mao Ji hug Yan Xia Ci Wu lesson Yi Li Mao Shi Mei the take Mo O Zhong Zhong Mao the Tan test eight Ru s to pay a house to tame Huang four the Bis stretch tight to forgive 2 Yun Bian Jian rare Huan four E Huang Mao Yi Tuo Zhan Duan Cong female phoenix Fu Ping


The this period of time that is small to open a deliberation in the gold, the that gold eye monster person just looking at him quietly, since didn't press, also have no anxious facial expression, seeming the gold is small to open of decision and his some relation also have no similar.

"."The gold spring is some to with reluctance order, retracted body, calmed down etc. to wear Du to fly out.But China Qi cloud secretly shake head, but the mood relaxed a lot:Connect room thus someones can not realize of the person is at most also little Huang Jie of martial just, unexpectatively they dispatched army and involved the masses ground this time, but really broke the butterfly on the wheel just for the sake of the such a small potato!

"The new appointee elder in the territory?"That person smells speech one Leng, immediately face up of take precautions against loose some, " is since new appointee the elder in the territory, the old man also forgave you and henceforth wanted, can use jade sign summons first, don't come thus suddenly!"Say put a hand, will leave.

"This descends you to have no words say, I give those impact machine just only six stars, can not is dizzy your shot at all!"See the Du of screen fly of the corner of mouth Be tiny to take out to take out, the woman satisfiedly says, " like, said now why do you want to pretend to be dead Qian to enter my airship!"

", Is black gold?That do you see this black gold to change your thing?"Hear the explanation of old man, the Du flies to take out a cake of from the Hao source the fairy quit five kilogram the or so black gold ask a way.

After acquiring airship legal power, the Du flies and then starts cutting and polishing whether want to kill off wave to be green.However person always feelings animal, got along with continuous time, and the wave Be green and always to seem to be very lovely, so the Du flies to want to start each time all some cant not bear to heart, at last and then decide to be returning to imprison her after the original cosmos, as long as she no longer comes back this cosmos, that can not spread news, the Earth is getting more safe.

"Teacher, I am returning to country."The Du flies an at quiet repeated way.

The decoration that the gold was small to open to steal to take aim one an eye is in the ship's bow of that fishes for a sign line, the detection is still an one calmness, in have no special place, should haven't found out persons like fingerling,etc.

"Calculate, first self-discipline again say!"Thought a short while, the Du flew to grasp not to live any threads, straight-tempered direct self-discipline get up.Anyway the chain body article is to use reinforced of body of, since have no 5 F, that hereafter again look for other chain bodies of achievement method!

The In love and cooking, the you must give is 100% efforts ……the but expect little appreciation;No matter is a cooking isn't a love, all use a hundred per cent of be responsible for an attitude to treat, but don't beg humbly too many repay.

True Wu Ge's carouse, eat the guest and host exert a joys, only long enjoy true some tiny Zhuis in the publics however, however saw carouse to end, he then with other nine life monks together to the dust for managing wonderful old way leave-taking, raised step to leave true force secret place.


"Sir orders a song?2 dollars money."When he presents the slip of song to my in front, I disdain to ground to repeatedly put a hand.However, he that whole body covered with to hang but arouse my interest:Hold violin all alone, take to begin to write all alone of song catalogue;The right side carries one old ErHu of chasing, the canvas of the left side inclined back wraps in explore a bamboo flute, wrap to outside still hang a with cuts and bruises all over enamel ware urn son to rock in the return, the certain context of "advanced worker" up printing is barely discernable.Probably like this and laughably attired to equally arouse an about 5-year-old boy of biggest curious, with the result that this kid have been tailgating him, and stir up the Xian of ErHu.Can he not bad impression, also ever and anon use the head that the caressing big hand Mo Suo wears a kid.

The hussar of Dou absolute being empire didn't thought of these heavy infantry can in so short time in become appearance, this lets those hussars are very surprised, know don't basically and impossibly break through by the defense of hussar that little wretchedness a tight type heavy infantry

"Fly one degree elder generation, the younger generation feels just of did the agreement seem to be too to suffer a los?"Fly to come out to turn on duty room with Du, Xue Ling Jian simultaneously lead road, part the bitterness say with a smile.

"A sorcery, even if is the instruction with a teacher, want accurate control, also need many time.The sorcery that"make reference to here, the Louis Si sees the vision that flies toward the Du is also a kindly, " is particularly our spirit to fasten.Because we not need to be like a chemical element fasten then contemplation magic, so our time is more abundant.But while the absolute being of the sorcery is being fair, letting us avoiding to contemplate magic, and then make the sorcery that our spirit fastens more difficult to control!So you know why the teacher wants to say that you were a genius!"

The body of ice eye is light, seem to have no weight similar, and the body up still sends forth light You joss-stick, make the gold small to open to can not help some ideas of disorderly absolute being fan.

The gold is small happy medium not from of some surprise, now ownly bite the variety that the crystal month blade appears also great his idea anticipate, however the gold is small to open to very quickly and then think of, at the beginning he while refining the blade in month, in once appeared several sign lines of not clear uses, see now, this kind of can the function splitting up is necessarily an one of them.

2 people at this place sneak attack south section Er, and moreover and simultaneously the combat of of those several light dragons also gradually arrived end.The south section Er of be killed with the disappearance of node sign machine, make those seven red light the dragon continue from explode, however accident of BE, that from explode unexpectedly white light the dragon inflicted a heavy losses on!Red light dragon from explode power astonishing, explosion of the energy continued to destroy 6 to get empty boat, and white light the half body of the dragon deep-fried became energy dissipation.Moreover of 2 forbid machine light the dragon also be subjected to a spread and be subjected to some harm, however is more opposite than white light dragon come to say, that condition of the injury basically not calculate what.

Her in the mind suddenly Zheng for a while, didn't talk any further.


From ascension Teng in the door but rise, later on again turn to make light rain spread to drop down, riotous like dream.

The gold is small to open to looking at these a monster of person, don't know they actually is why is so strongly rushing.Run medium few old-age monster personses to fall down on the ground, a few strong monster persons want to Chan to hand them, but is drunk by their Nu to kick out and forbid them to come to a stop.Those strong monster persons are red eyes returned to a troops in, a carry on the shoulder to have a few young monster persons, continue big step to rush.


Is very miraculous!After Li Dan Shu sees burst upon a bag of milk in that man's hand, this is her only feeling.Once connected milk, Li Dan Shu's subconscious of passed the milk bag to the cousin's mouth side, these days of be subjected to of bitterness, her an adult still unwillingly can bear with, but cousin's being just a 8-year-old young girl , under the forcing of hunger, has already sunk into deep slumber now.(she doesn't know that this is the black sweet cave that the Du flies to order a cousin)Have eat of, Li Dan Shu wants to add physical strength for cousin first naturally.

Sun Mou looking at a public way with upset look:"The matter arrives at present still only one left way probably can with that what sunshine the big absolute being put together."Hear the words that strives for behind public quickly see toward Sun Mou.Sun Mou deeply takes a suck at after the spirit a facial expression to seriously say:"A short while I will choose 8 and hand over to them eight a varieties in the diagrams, when the time comes depend 8 lead long to pull sunshine absolute being, leaf's brothers and Li Jun two person wants to learn within a night one specific name for seven kill of strategies, when the time comes you 2 will become eight vital points in the diagrams to arouse the whole eight operations of diagramses."

Leave to get elderly, dying of close relatives, the this present life is no chance again see of friend or lover;Leaving is an or sweet or sour puckery or the career of honor or humiliation.Leave, suddenly surge forward of a little heart palpitates or unforgettable touched.And is leaving, have been already left of everything.

"Shout!"Is long long urge one breath, the Du flies to accept achievement empress beaming with smiles.Two years, he at Luo son Feng up already self-discipline two years!He at broke vapor trail definitely just six heavy of the 3 F is also the inborn 6 F, if in last self-discipline in the ground, how also get for a decade and eight years!

"That hereafter say again."Du's flying don't demand.

A relatives of her house is in the neighborhood of village a conveyance field in, there is time by chance speaking of wanting to recruit two workers in field, she a listen to and then tie up last, the relatives says that that is the man stem of heavy live, the being unsuited to of female is proper, she says you call two male works come, we beat to see and see who win!The relatives cans not stand her to tie up to whet, made her energy to field point introduction, the yonder head son lets Luo try and see, result her one person did living of two people, went place naturally and became a member of working class.

The gold is small to open bad ruthlessly stare at that still at bellow of face, in heart wants to chase it ground corpse ten thousands are just pleased.The gold is small to open to respond for a while, the energy of solid black crystal adhered to by that face deeply can not measure, however that face only is the existence of a spirit body, not terrible-in times before it of so can develop so great power, also only is because of the relation of dollar dint hole hole.Now dollar dint hole hole already dissipation, that spirit body natural shortage for fear to.

Have a conversation at 2 people of effort, Sun Mou has already cut six knives, river door Yi Chuan the knee completely sink into sandy beach as follows under.Sun Mou doesn't hestitate of split burning what Long Jiu turned seventh knife, held up the river of this knife door the Yi Chuan don't already complain of hard lot, how can't he thoughts of that the in this world also has the way of attacks like this, even if oneself has way to stay away the attack that strives for now, but at present and obviously isn't the best method and only waits until the best opportune moment to just have the possibility to is on the hoof to return to by himself/herself, either.Sun Mou can't because river door Yi Chuan current circumstance but stop, the eighth knife binds to ride on the remaining rhyme of front seven knives to suddenly split bottom, river's door the war knife of the Yi Chuan echo broken up, Sun Mou Ze lends dint to start to jump once again and lose a river who fight the knife door the Yi Chuan certanly will be deader than this like and very hot fire one knife under.But when Sun Mou's this knife close to, river door Yi Chuan disappear without basis.The knife that strives for mercilessly splits at sandy beach on, originally river door Yi Chuan the position of the place was livinged by this knife to rarely split to together and deeply disappear the canyon of bottom.

Swayed to sway head, the Du flew tiny feel some to faint.Invoke the thing exists in this world of each , all need host's mentality to prop up.His Zhao come pretty stone warrior 78 hours, even if his mentality approaches big sorcery teacher, but props up so for a long time, also a bit tired.Drive to return to a home, jade several people still just sleeping, the Du flew light feet ground of light hand to return to his/her own building in, start meditating to resume.

"Do not know not guilty."Flicking Du to fly is willing take back the card to keep a thing ring, then greatly treads to walk into an evil palace to halt ground while guarding a vision with polite pupil.

For keeping only and saving not much of real strenght, the big summer clansmen is end that luckily survive of time immemorial fight a fortress repair, and break open a branch difference time dollar, concealed into it.That branch difference time dollar inside often the year be full of brutal wildly irritable energy, general of living creature as long as getting into there, is certain to die, nature also can't someone can discover that time immemorial that Be concealed to in the interval fights fortress.

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